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The Ministry of Education has closed all school premises as from Tuesday 10 March. Updates will be posted if the situation changes. If you have any queries, please contact us on or call +974 4036 0063

Applications are open for the 2019 academic year.

Admissions to the school is open to local and expatriate students aged between 3 to 16 years, FS1 to Year 10. At least one parent must be a full-time employee of Qatar Airways or its subsidiaries, please ask for the list when inquiring.

To apply for a place fill in the Registration Application Form here, please email your application form and required documents to us at

Please do NOT send CV's for a job position to this address. Please go here for listed vacancies.

The following documents will be required:

Admissions FormThis includes Application, Medical, Fee Regulation Schedule, Photo/Video and Google Apps approval. Please include any additional medical information not covered by the medical section of the form.
Passport for mother, father and childA clear copy of the photograph page of the passport is required. Sight of original required.
Qatar Identification / Residence Permit (RP) Card for mother, father and child – Expats onlyA clear copy of the Qatar Identification Card is required. Sight of original required.
Child’s birth certificateA clear copy of the child’s birth certificate is required. Sight of original required.
Child’s vaccination recordsA clear copy of the child’s vaccination records is required. Sight of original required.
Two passport-sized photos of the childTwo professionally printed, passport-sized photographs of the child are required with either a plain white or plain blue background.
Child’s school reportsFor entry into Foundation Stage 2 or Year 1, a Nursery report or Early Years Foundation certificate (or equivalent) is required if your child has attended Nursery/FS1/KG2 or Reception/FS2. For entry into Year 2 upwards, reports for the previous two years are required. If you are coming from outside of Qatar, report cards must be attested. Please speak to admissions about these requirements.
Clearance Letter - Ministry of Education Requirement (If your child is already in another school in Qatar)If you are transferring your child from another school in Qatar a Clearance Letter will be required from this school, please ask us about the procedure.
Health Record Child – Ministry of Health RequirementA health record document for students of all ages, who are already resident in Qatar (sight of the originals, plus copies).

Entry Requirements

The decision to offer a place will be based upon an initial assessment, school reports and/or a trial morning in class. Foundation Stage 1 and 2 will have an informal baseline assessment. All students from Year 1 and above will be required to sit a Baseline Assessment Test against which future progress will be measured. This will include assessments in reading, writing and mathematics, the Admissions Office will contact you to set up a date and time once all your application documentation has been received.

This assessment is made because not all children will be joining from a school that has followed the English National Curriculum of England (ENC), therefore previous assessments might not have been measured against ENC standards.

Following the assessment and a review of school reports, a place will be offered if:

  • It is likely the student will benefit from the learning programmes on offer.
  • Adequate information is provided about the student by parents and previous schools to assist making a decision to offer a place.

Prospective parents and students understand and accept the school’s philosophy and expectations in terms of curriculum and community life.

Additional Support

Where school reports or parents identify that a child has needs above and beyond the normal expectation, parents will have the opportunity to discuss this with the Admissions Manager at the time of applying to ensure that provision is available to meet the student’s needs.

It is in your child’s best interests to fully disclose any learning support needs or other special requirements so the school can arrange an appropriate plan of action. You should supply any documentation that details your child’s requirements.

If the school cannot support your child’s needs with existing resources then discussions will centre on what course of action would best suit your child.

Additional fees will apply to students who require specialist support staff, one-to-one assistance or specialised resources or equipment. The fees required to cover these costs will become a condition of admission. Ministry of Education approval will be required if the school is to provide a modified or alternative study pathway (e.g. vocational pathways or special needs programmes), if this is different from the agreed Education Plan for the school, in order to address the learning needs of the student. If one-to-one support is required, it is the responsibility of the parent/s to provide and pay for a qualified Key Worker to assist your child.

If parents are outside Qatar at the time of applying, arrangements can be made for conversations to take place via Skype or another agreed method.

You can find the full Ministry of Education Guidelines on our website here.

Year group on entry

A student is allocated to a year group according to his/her date of birth, in accordance with the Ministry of Education (MOE) regulations.

For students coming into Qatar the primary consideration when placing a student in a grade/year group will be their age. Students must have completed the full previous equivalent academic year and parents are required to submit school reports or certificates to this effect, for them to qualify to be enrolled into the next academic year. The Ministry of Education will not approve a student's application to a year group if they have not completed the previous academic year or have missed a term of the new academic year.

We accept admissions for new students coming into Qatar until 30 January of each year, as per the Ministry of Education directive. However, Qatar Airways staff can discuss special enrolment procedures of their children after this date with the Admissions Office.

Admissions by Age

Year GroupAge
EYFS13 - 4
EYFS24 - 5
Year 15 - 6
Year 26 - 7
Year 37 - 8
Year 48 - 9
Year 59 - 10
Year 610 - 11
Year 711 - 12
Year 812 - 13
Year 913 - 14
Year 1014 - 15