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The Ministry of Education has closed all school premises as from Tuesday 10 March. Updates will be posted if the situation changes. If you have any queries, please contact us on or call +974 4036 0063

Oryx International School is proud to have opened its new campus in Mesaimeer for the 2018 academic year. It provides a first-class experience for students with state-of-the-art facilities exclusively for the children of Qatar Airways employees and their subsidiaries.


We continue to deliver a five-star educational British curriculum in our new facilities specifically designed to support your children’s growth and development in the academic subjects of science, technology and mathematics, as well as inspire them to participate in sport and the creative arts.

Campus 01
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To keep our students active, we will offer an array of outdoor facilities including basketball, netball and tennis courts, as well as an athletics track and soccer field.

Our indoor facilities include a six-court sports hall with retractable seats to sit 140 spectators, a fully equipped Health and Fitness Gym and a swimming and a teaching pool.

Campus 02

The performing arts facilities include music, dance and drama rooms, audio visual and music recording studios, a radio station as well as a 500-seat auditorium to host numerous events from school productions to music recitals.

Fine arts and design students will be creatively inspired with the well-equipped studios including two kilns for pottery to rouse the budding artist within.

Campus 03

The two-floor canteen caters for our students’ appetites with healthy meals and drinks, while they relax during break-time. This facility will be open throughout the day for both students and parents.

There are exciting educational outdoor exploratory areas in each key stage block to ensure time from the class is spent relaxed yet still within a learning environment.

Campus 04

When do you have tours?

Tours are held on a Monday at 16:00 and Tuesday at 10:00. During the school holidays tours are on a Tuesday at 10:00.

What curriculum is taught?

We follow a modified version of the English National Curriculum that meets the needs of our international student body here in Doha. We provide our students with a challenging learning environment – by providing an academic curriculum that is balanced, interactive and supports development in all activities at school. Our students are recognised as individuals with their own unique learning needs and are nurtured to become successful learners.

You can find all the curriculum details here.

As the school moves into examination programmes for secondary years the students follow IGCSE/GCSE and will use the Edexcel examination board. BTEC courses will be developed for students who wish to take vocational routes.

Post age 16 the school will offer ‘A’ level programmes which will qualify students to enter universities all over the world.

There are no plans at this time to offer IB programmes although this will remain under review as the school develops.

Will Arabic and Islamic studies be available to non-regional students?

Arabic and Islamic studies will be offered to non-regional students as optional After School Activities.

What year groups does the school cater for?

FS1 (Foundation Stage 1/Nursery) up to Year 11 (students must join in Year 10 to start the International GCSE course which comprises Years 10 and 11).

What are the class sizes on the new campus?

Personalised learning is key to our approach with class sizes kept to low numbers, there will be up to 20 students per class in Early Years Foundation Stage (FS1 and 2) and approximately 25 for Years 1 - 11.

Years 12 and 13 have been designed to accommodate up to 150 students

What are the tuition fees for the 2019 and 2020 academic years?

Admission Fees

Application Fees - to be paid on submitting Admission Forms

QR 450

Registration Fees - to be paid with the return of the offer letter

QR 3,190

Year GroupAutumn TermSpring TermSummer TermTotal Annual Fees
September - due by no later than the first week of the termJanuary - due by no later than the first week of the termApril - due by no later than the first week of the term
FS1 - 2QAR 13,600QAR 10,200QAR 10,200QAR 34,000
Years 1 - 3QAR 14,400QAR 10,800QAR 10,800QAR 36,000
Years 4 - 6QAR 15,600QAR 11,700QAR 11,700QAR 39,000
Years 7 - 9QAR 15,600QAR 11,700QAR 11,700QAR 39,000
Year 10QAR 18,000QAR 13,500QAR 13,500QAR 45,000
Year 11QAR 18,400QAR 13,800QAR 13,800QAR 46,000
Year 12QAR 18,800QAR 14,100QAR 14,100QAR 47,000

Will there be other additional charges?

As with the current school, there are additional charges for the school uniform, educational trips, bus transportation and after school activities supplied by external companies.

Parents will be able to order and pay for lunch and snacks via the new canteen facility.

If you opt to use the before and after care facility in school there may be an additional charge which will be communicated to parents before September 2019.

There will be fee payable for the examination board in the UK for IGCSE and A-Level students.

Will the school uniform remain the same?

Yes, the current uniform of Oryx International School will be unchanged when the students move to the new campus. Uniforms have been designed in a similar style and colours for the secondary years. Go here for more information on the uniform.

What time will school start and finish?

07:30 – School starts

14:00 – School ends

14:05 – Buses depart

14:05 to 14:55 – After school activities (ASA)

15:00 – ASA buses depart

What after school activities (ASAs) will be provided?

We will provide the same variety of ASAs that we have at the moment which include activities such as sport, music, art, construction, robotics, culture and languages. Certain paid for ASAs will be offered by external suppliers such as football, gymnastics, swimming, etc.

Will there be 'before and after' school care?

Similarly, to the old campus, we will offer both ‘before and after’ school care for those families where both parents work or you are a single parent. You will be required to fill in the form which you will find here and return to for assessment and approval.

Will the school have a bus service?

Our contracted bus transportation company for the next academic year is Tri-logistics, a private company with over 40 years combined experience, that is committed to setting and providing the highest standards in student transportation.

Annual Transportation Fees

Qatar Airways TowersQR 8,550/child per school year including GPS Tracking System
Barwa City AreaQR 7,500/child per school year including GPS Tracking System
Doha AreaQR 9,500/child per school year including GPS Tracking System

Contact Details

Oryx Int’l School Transport In-Charge - Ms. Carol:; Mobile:+974 7773 7890

Head of Business Operations - Mr. Jalil Parkar:; Mobile:+974 6672 8034