We have had an excellent representation of our sport teams this month, well done to all the students that participated in each and every event!

Primary Athletes Of The Month

Well done to our Primary Athletes of the month for October.

Key Stage 1 Male - Ali Kucukkekovali

Key Stage 1 Female - Nicole Wako

Key Stage 2 Male - Kai Hollesen

Key Stage 2 Female - Laufey Gustafsdottir

Athletes Of The Month Secondary

Well done to our Secondary Athletes of the month for October.

Key Stage 3 Male - Dylan Janamohanan

Key Stage 3 Female - Berranur Sakar

Key Stage 4 Male - Ahmad Malik

Key Stage 4 Female - Marylight Guinita

Athletes of the Month for November

KS1 Andres Young Jara (1D) and Claire Jiz (2E)

KS2 Kyrill Widiger (5B) and Sheriah Cortez (6D)

Unfortunately no photos are available.

Y3 Girls Football
Year 3 Football Team who came 7th in the QPPSSA Tournament competing against 15 other schools.
Year 4 Football Team Qppssa1
Year 4 Football Team who came first in the QPPSSA football tournament competing against 15 other schools
Y5 Girls Football Qppssa
Year 5 Girls football team who came 7th in the recent QPPSSA football tournament which took place at Hamilton school.
Y6 Girls Football Qppssa
Year 6 Girls football team who came 4th in the recent QPPSSA football tournament which took place at Hamilton school.
U16 Girls Netball Gems
Our U16 girls Netball team had a great win over Gems Wellington to seal 3 points in the QUESS League on Tuesday 26th November.
U16 Boys Volleyball Qa
Our u16 Boys Volleyball team had a great win over Qatar Academy on Sunday 24th November. They were a set down but made a victorious comeback to take the 3rd set win.
U16 Basketball Win
Our U19 boys’ volleyball team had a great win over Gems American Academy to win their game in two straight sets this past Sunday, 1 December.
U19 Boys Football Ems
Our U19 boys football team travelling to English Modern School and had a tough match against their side. After a difficult first half they fought back but came away with a 5-3 defeat.
Image 53
Congratulations to the U19 volleyball team and coach Miss Fitzgerald on finishing 2nd in the U19 QUESS League. This is the first year playing volleyball at Oryx so we are excited to build on this success.

Athletics and Cross Country

Well done to all the boys and girls who represented Oryx International at the QPPSA - Cross Country athletics event, which was held at the Doha Sports Park on 21 November 2019.

With perfect weather for any athletics event, this gave all the athletes the best possible opportunity to compete to the best of their ability.

The year 3 and year 4 race was over a distance of 1.8km and the year 5 and year 6 race was over a distance of 2km.
All of our students ran with tremendous pride, gaining experience and exposure to the various talents from other schools.
Congratulations to Ava Armstrong who finished in 1st position, receiving a gold medal, and to our year 4 girls who secured 3rd place as a team.
I am pleased that our students continually portray Oryx International School in a proud and respectful manner.

Well Done!

Mr De Waal

Athletics Cross Country Ava
1st - Ava Armstrong
Y3 4 5 Cross Country Qppssa
Year 3, 4 and 5 Cross Country Team