Benjamin Spencer Final

Benjamin Spencer

Year 5 Teacher

I was born in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, but grew up in Caithness, Scotland from the age of nine. I am the oldest of four brothers, residing with my parents in Scotscalder in the north of Scotland. I studied primary education at the University of Aberdeen, completing several placements across the north of Scotland. I recently completed my Masters in Education in 2020 from the same University, writing a thesis on the attitudes and perceptions of international educators towards the implementation of social inclusion for EAL students.

I started my teaching career six years ago at Greenwards Primary School in Elgin, followed by five years at an International School in Qatar. For the past three years, my role as head of year developed my leadership skills across a four-form school, as well as the subject knowledge across two key stages for students in years 2, 4 and 6.

I have a keen interest in football and rugby union. In Scotland, I qualified as a level 7 football referee and have refereed several amateur and under 18 games during my time studying in Scotland and abroad in Qatar. I enjoy playing the piano and often play in my spare time. I am a keen traveller and enjoy visiting countries with a rich history. I have especially enjoyed my travels in Oman, Vietnam, Jordan and Belgium.

I firmly believe that positive relationships with students and the school community are key to unlocking a child’s engagement with learning. My primary aim at Oryx is to design learning that is fun, engaging and inspirational, which is only achievable when the children are engaged and parents trust you are doing what is best for their child. Thus, my philosophy is to make children smile, make parents feel proud, and motivate children to come back to school the next day to learn something new.