Ibrahim Sharif

Ibrahim Sharif

Maths Teacher

I have been living in Doha and teaching mathematics for the past two years, I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the traditions and culture of the Middle East and educating the future society of Qatar.

I attained my BSc Honours degree in mathematics at Birkbeck, University of London, and successfully completed a PGCE in mathematics to enable me to fulfill a lifetime ambition, teaching. Teaching in London for the first two years of my career provided me with a plethora of opportunities that helped me develop my own teaching identity within the classroom. Mathematics is not a subject to be taught but one to be discovered.

It has been my continued aim to inspire lifelong learners and embed skills that will enhance learning in a meaningful way. My teaching philosophy is underpinned on the development of every child, promoting confidence, and building self-esteem. Moreover, I believe that the classroom environment plays a crucial role in conceptual understanding by incorporating vast amounts of methodical application to the real world.

As a keen sports enthusiast, I enjoy leading an active lifestyle and harvest a thorough interest in football and boxing. With a keen interest in travel and learning about different cultures, I have currently learned to speak basic Arabic and have undertaken Spanish lessons.