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James Goodall

Teacher History & Geography / Year 7 Leader

I am from the United Kingdom and I have been in a variety of schools around the globe until my secondary school, where I returned to the United Kingdom to continue my education at the age of 8. I went on to take a history degree at Swansea University, followed by a PGCE teacher training in Canterbury, Kent.

I have past experience in the armed forces, as well as a number of years in teaching.

I come from a military family that have served in several postings in the United Kingdom and abroad. My interests are mainly in water sports such as kayaking and sailing. I am also more of a Rugby fan than a football one I'm afraid.

My main aim at Oryx International School is to ensure that each student finds a passion or interest in History from either an academic or personal perspective. As well as to ensure all students under my care reach their full potential and be armed with skills that assist them in the next stage of their life journey while providing an outstanding educational experience.