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Joan Doe

Lead Practitioner of English / Year 11 Leader

I was raised in South London and went to a local school. Whilst at school I realised my passion for literature and went on to study English literature at sixth form. I studied at the University of Kent and later at King's College London University to complete my PGCE.

After completing university I spent some time travelling and working with charities in providing basic education in Low Economic Developed Countries. I spent extensive time in Sierra Leone, West Africa and loved the experience. My time there made me passionate about education and on returning to the UK I worked with children with special educational needs at a local college. After completing my teacher training I was offered a job at one of my placement schools; Sydenham Girls and worked there for three years. In my time at Sydenham, I became involved with the pastoral aspect of school and became a deputy head of year. I also took great interest in education research and pedagogy as to how we can improve how we teach students. I then made the move to Qatar in 2017 and worked at a British School for a year and am now looking forward to my time at Oryx; providing the best education possible for my students and growing as a teacher.

My hobbies include travelling and reading. I love travelling because it allows me to experience the culture of others and learn more about them which I believe in turn teaches you much about yourself. My favourite country so far has been in Morocco. I enjoy reading for similar reasons to travelling; because it allows you to momentarily live in someone else's world. My favourite writer is Khaled Hosseini.

I come from a large lively family. I am the eldest of five with one brother and three sisters. Though living in Qatar alone, my family are always visiting so it doesn't feel like they are that far away.

I would like to make English fun and enjoyable for all our students. I would also like to develop a strong literary culture within the school; have reading competitions, literature programs and school plays. I want students to see language beyond the classroom and for them to understand that it is the fabric of all society; films, adverts and books.