Victoria Graham Final

Victoria Graham

Foundation Stage 2 Teacher

I had the opportunity to live in many different countries worldwide whilst I was growing up. My parents and siblings now reside in Cumbria and London. In 2003, I gained a BA (Hons) in Combined Arts from Plymouth University. I qualified as a teacher in 2007 after completing my Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Education at Lancaster University.

My teaching career started at a large state school in central London, after which I moved on to an international assignment. I have worked as a House and subject leader for Personal, Social, and Health Education, as well as on curriculum teams for Art, Music and Science in my previous roles. I have taught in the Early Years as well as Key Stages 1 and 2.

I am extremely passionate about teaching and have a special interest in early childhood development and child-centred learning. Early Years teaching is incredibly rewarding, enabling children to gain the foundation of life skills they require throughout their lives. Outside the classroom, I have a variety of interests, including spinning and visual arts. I especially enjoy being out in nature, and I love to get involved with art projects.

I respect multicultural communities and believe that international education is the best possible way to raise respectful and responsible future global citizens who can face the demand of our ever-changing world. I am deeply committed to delivering outstanding education and care for children and developing their independence and curiosity in the world.