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Zaahir Howell

Science and Mathematics Teacher

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and completed my Dip Ed, then HDE specialising in Mathematics, Biology and Art at Hewat College of Education and the University of Cape Town.

I’ve taught for 21 years at Primary and High Schools in South Africa, the UK, and in the Middle East. In 2007, I moved with my wife and two children to Bahrain, and thereafter we found ourselves taking up residency in Qatar, where we are just about to complete our 10th year.

I am an avid sportsperson, having played and coached a variety of codes including volleyball, badminton, rugby, cycling and swimming. I also enjoy going for a trail run or just going for a paddle on my surf-ski out on the open ocean. Six years ago I took up the sport of Triathlon and I have just completed my fifth Half-Ironman event, and look forward to completing the full distance.

Qatar has been an amazing place to raise a family. We now have four children, the youngest of whom has just started her schooling. We love to travel and experience new places and cultures whenever we are able to and are always looking for new family-friendly adventures.

I believe that every child must be exposed to, or given the opportunity to identify and develop their academic, sporting, artistic skills and cultural talents… and that Oryx school will offer the perfect platform for this to happen. I would like to empower my students to becoming critical thinkers and global citizens who are aware of the world and can confidently face and address the challenges around them.