What learning will continue on VL in Primary?

In Primary (FS1-Y6), teachers will continue to deliver the full primary curriculum and this will be shared with parents. Daily and topic based tasks will be set and completion of these tasks will be monitored by the teachers.

Information will be communicated to parents via our various communication tools.

All teachers have ensured that, age appropriate, passwords for our learning platforms have been placed in student planners.

What learning will continue on VL in Secondary?

All students (Year 7 – Year 11) will engage with specific VLE resources, including worksheets, presentations, assignments and regular class work.

Teachers will post assignments on the days your child normally receives specific subject lessons. In this way regular momentum should be maintained.

Years 9, 10 and Year 11 classes will be taught, online by their subject teacher according to their regular timetable. This means that the school day should start at 7.40 and end at 2.00 pm as standard, with normal timetable being followed.

We appreciate your support in maintaining routine and ensuring that students engage with work and lessons in the normal time frame. It is important that students have access to an appropriate device and have uninterrupted internet access. They will also need their usual range of books and stationary.

User guides for students, have been posted on the school website. Parents may also find it useful to follow the step-by-step guide to support their child’s learning.

Can I come to school during the shutdown?

At the moment the school premises are not accessible for parents or students, only staff are allowed on school grounds.

Can I come to pay my school fees?

You may bring the cheque or cash in an envelope with your name, child/rens’ name/s and class/es, and contact email.

Hand this in at security at the main pedestrian gate (Gate 2), they will provide you with an acknowledgement receipt.

Security will then bring the envelopes to our cashier who will process your cheque and send you an official electronic receipt from the school.

NOTE : Parents will NOT be allowed past the security gates.

Should I go home or travel during this time of closure?

Individuals always have to make a personal assessment of their family’s wellbeing. The Qatar Government is advising against all non-essential travel at the moment.

How confident can I be to return to school when the Ministry allows us to?

Individuals always have to make a personal assessment of their family’s wellbeing in such situations. The school would only open when we are certain of high levels of safety and security on-site.


How does the school react to the outbreak in terms of hygiene and security?

Campus hygiene and personnel health screening is our priority at this time.

How does the school check the health status of its staff working during school closure?

Staff are registered and health screened on entering the school premises.

Daily communications are kept with all staff to ensure their health and safety.

Is there anyone affected by the virus in the school community? If so, how many?

There are currently no students or staff reported to have been affected by the virus in our school community.

What happens if someone in the school community catches the virus?

Any personnel suspected of having symptoms of the virus will not be allowed on the school campus and will have to report to the authorities to be quarantined.

How does the school clean its facilities?

Deep cleaning of the school is carried out every day, and ongoing disinfectant of areas throughout the working day. There is hand santizer in all areas for staff to use throughout the day.


When will the school re-open?

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has suspended all access to school premises for students at this time. We will keep you updated of changes as and when these are communicated to us.

Can I pay a visit to the school while the school is closed?

The school premises will remain closed to all visitors until further notice.

How can I make an enquiry about the school during the closure?

You are welcome to email or call us on +974 4036 0085 and our admissions team will provide you with comprehensive information regarding the school and our admission process.

How can I apply to register my child to join the school?

You are welcome to register by filling in our application form which you will find here.

I have already completed my child’s application form, when will I hear back from the Admissions Team?

Our Admissions team are working through all the applications received via our online application form. They will contact you as soon as possible to give you an update on your application.

My child was booked for an assessment, but this has been canceled. When will the next assessment dates be set?

As the school is closed until further notice, all assessments will be booked with each parent when we reopen.

Will children have to be assessed before being offered a place?

All students will be assessed for benchmarking purposes before a placed is offered.

Is it possible for my child to receive a school offer during this period?

Offers will be made to students if they have completed assessments and these have been approved by our Admissions Manager and Senior Leadership Team.

Can I speak with one of the Senior Leadership Team members during school closure?

Yes, you can, through arrangement with our Reception team, please call +974 4036 0063 to leave your details for one of our Senior Leaders to contact you.

Tips to help you keep on track with your school work and your routines at home

  • Consistency is key: Maintain your regular morning routine of waking up, eating a nutritious breakfast, and getting dressed.
  • Pick a sport that is free of distractions to set up your laptop and study materials.
  • Create a daily schedule and us a spreadsheet to keep track of all your assignments and deadlines.
  • Follow your regular class timetables.
  • Take breaks during 'recess': Eat healthy snacks and do exercises to stay energized and alert.
  • Stay engaged in your virtual lessons: Video Meetings with your teachers and classmates can help you stay connected with your school community. Reach out to your peers and advisors for extra hep when needed!
  • Most importantly, maintain good hygiene habits to stay safe and healthy!