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The Ministry of Education has closed all school premises as from Tuesday 10 March. Updates will be posted if the situation changes. If you have any queries, please contact us on or call +974 4036 0063

Oryx International School has a range of facilities which are available to hire during evenings, weekends and throughout the school holidays. Details of the facilities opening hours and the associated costs are shown below.

All Qatar Airways staff and parents of Oryx International School will receive a 25% discount off the public rate, as shown below.

Available for booking

AreaSun - ThursdayTuesday - Ladies onlyFridayFriday - Ladies onlySaturdayBookingPublic ratesQatar Airways rates
Large Indoor Sports Hall16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 400/hrQAR 300/hr
Main swimming pool 20.00-22.00 (Ladies only Tuesdays)20.00-22.00 Ladies only12.00-16.00 & 18.00-22.00 16.00-18.00 Ladies only17.00-22.00Walk-inQAR 30/hrQAR 25/hr
Learner Swimming Pool 20.00-22.00 (Ladies only Tuesdays)20.00-22.00 Ladies only12.00-16.00 & 18.00-22.00 16.00-18.00 Ladies only17.00-22.00Walk-inQAR 30/hrQAR 25/hr
Floodlit Football Pitch16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 600/hrQAR 450/hr
Floodlit Basketball Court16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 250/hrQAR 185/hr
Floodlit Netball Court16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 250/hrQAR 185/hr
Floodlit Tennis Courts (x 2)16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 150/hrQAR 115/hr
Athletic track16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 100/hrQAR 75/hr
Health & Fitness Gym16.00-22.00 (Ladies only Tuesdays)20.00-22.00 Ladies only08.00-16.00 & 18.00-22.0016.00-18.00 -Ladies only08.00-22.00Walk-inQAR 30/hrQAR 25/hr
Dance Studio16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 200/hrQAR 150/hr
Canteen16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 200/hrQAR 150/hr
Auditorium16.00-22.0008.00-22.0008.00-22.00Pre-bookQAR 500/hrQAR 375/hr

Use of changing rooms and showers: QAR 75 in addition to above charge, except swimming pool which is inclusive.

Additional security: QAR 100 per additional guard per event

Ladies only

Main swimming pool20.00-22.0016.00-18.00
Learner swimming pool20.00-22.0016.00-18.00
Inside health and fitness gym20.00-22.0016.00-18.00

School holidays

When the school is closed to students, including public holidays, the facilities will be open from 07.00 to 22.00 daily.

Booking Enquiry

To apply for the hire of Oryx International School facilities please complete the form below and submit to our Sports Administrator by email at

Before completing the form, please carefully read the Conditions of Hire. All information requested must be provided. Once received, we will check availability and confirm details of the booking and the payment required to secure the booking.

Accessing facilities / Gates to Use / Signing in process

Access to the facilities of the school will be via Gate 3 on the side facing Barwa City. The leader of any group bookings for example football, netball, etc or individuals wishing to use the Gym or swimming pools should go to the lobby of the auditorium where the Sports Administrator will confirm details of the booking and provide access to the facilities as well as taking payment.

Unless prepaid by bank transfer, payment can only be made in cash. Qatar Airways employees will need to prove their status by showing their ID to obtain the discounted rate.

Users of the Gym and Swimming Pools will need to complete a waiver form to get access as we do not provide a lifeguard or gym trainer, therefore access is at your own risk. We intend to create a scheme whereby we will issue a photo ID once the forms are completed which will act as proof that you have completed the form to avoid having to complete one for each visit.