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The swimming pool and gym facilities are now available to use over the summer holidays. You may contact for further queries. This is for Qatar Airways staff only.

Booking and use of facilities rules

Use of the facilities will be subject to compliance with the strict rules we have in place for access to the school and use of facilities. These are as follows:

  1. Parents/Staff will need to book by Thursday at 1:00 pm of the previous week in advance by sending an email to Gina via
  2. Parents/Staff will be temperature checked and need to show their Qatar Airways ID & QID as well as Ehteraz displaying the green/Gold logo with double vaccinated and sign in with contact details (name, QID & Mobile number) at the security gate at Pedestrian Gate 2 Barwa Street only with prior booking.
  3. No parents/staff allowed to enter the gym/swimming pool without booking in advance.
  4. You need to sign a disclaimer form acknowledging that there is no Lifeguard or gym instructor on duty and the school is not responsible for any accidents that might happen.
  5. Parents/Staff can also bring their children but no other relatives or friends.
  6. Students cannot use the facilities without one of their parents accompanying them.
  7. No trainer to teach the children.
  8. Only children above 12 who are double vaccinated are allowed to use the pool.
  9. Only children above 16 who are double vaccinated are allowed to use the gymnasium.
  10. Follow the rules posted in the swimming pool/gym.
  11. There will be no spectators or friends allowed entry to the school.
  12. You will make your way directly to the venue and not move around the school site unnecessarily.
  13. You will be required to wear appropriate sports attire and sports shoes.
  14. You will be required to wear your mask at all times when not participating in the activity to reduce risks.
  15. On arrival, you will be required to hand sanitize.
  16. Social distancing must be in place at all times using 1.5 metres distance as a rule.
  17. When leaving the site, hands and equipment must be sanitized and cleaned after use.
  18. Changing rooms will not be in use but toilets can be used if necessary.
  19. There will be no access to drinking water so you should bring your own drinking water and towels, etc.
  20. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the location of all marked emergency and fire alarms and emergency exit routes in the location if available.
  21. If there is a Fire Alarm then you should follow the emergency exit routes and evacuate the location congregating at the appropriate Muster point.
Updated Summer Holiday Swimming Pool and Gym Schedule July 2021
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