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is to deliver an engaging, value rich, broad and balanced 'British International Education Programme' to the children of the employees of Qatar Airways. This is delivered by highly qualified and experienced UK teachers.


is that our students will leave Oryx International School enabled, confident and ready to take on the challenge of their next stage of life.  They will have effective behaviours for learning and attitudes for life that will enable them to thrive and succeed as global citizens of the 21st century.

Our staff will also be well trained and prepared to move on in their careers, but will want to stay due to high job satisfaction.

Parent's comments

"For Zoey it has been a fantastic experience, she moved from dreading school and feeling demotivated to loving it. We moved from a different curriculum and I found it a little difficult to digest that there were no books and no homework on a daily basis. I began to  enquire with Zoey what she did at school every day. She always said: "We had fun today, we did exciting things and we danced and played." The best part was she never felt she was studying, she thought of it as something she was learning while enjoying herself. She has now developed a love for books and is constantly reading or writing on her own. Schooling  has  become a happy and rewarding experience for both of us. The atmosphere at the school is  such a warm and friendly one. It sure feels like “Home" and I can sense that’s exactly what Zoey feels too." - Year 1 parent.

"We would also take advantage by this mail to reply to the kind statement of the principal Mr. Jarlath…we would like to say thank you for the passion and great job done with our children." - Year 1 and 5 parent.

"I am Jessica’s father. We feel very happy to see her progress in this outstanding school curriculum and extra-curricular activities." - Year 1 parent

About our PTA: "It was a very enjoyable meeting this morning and great to have so many positive ideas! I look forward to being involved and meeting up with more parents." - Year 1 parent

Our staff

In order to provide the highest standards of teaching, we offer an excellent staff to student ratio. Our class sizes are capped at 20 students in Foundation Stage 2 (FS2) and 24 in other year groups. 

Our native English speaking teaching staff are highly qualified and bring many years of teaching expertise, with enhanced knowledge of the English Curriculum and experience of the additional challenge of teaching in an international setting.   

FS2, Year 1 and Year 2 classes will have the benefit of full-time Teaching Assistants in each class, while Years 3 to 6 have daily support from a Teaching Assistant. These assistants support the academic and social development of the children, which is especially important when their native languages are diverse. 

Our careful and child-centred approach ensures that all students progress well and benefit from being part of this international community.

Orbital Education

Orbital Education manages Oryx International School

Orbital Education is British owned and British based, with its headquarters near Manchester. The company was founded in 2005 by Kevin McNeany, who is recognised as a pioneer of British international education. Kevin had an impressive career as the founder of Nord Anglia Education in 1972, which is now seen as the foremost international schools groups in the world. He led the IPO of the company in 1997 and it is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

In 2005, Kevin started Orbital Education, which now owns and operates 10 schools in Russia, Spain, Qatar, Hungary, Slovenia, Ecuador and China.

Orbital Schools offer the English National Curriculum in all schools and the International Baccalaureate in some. 

Orbital schools are supported by a head office team that includes school development professionals, finance, IT and marketing specialists. Their remit is to support the growth and development of Orbital schools

Our ‘Britishness’ appeals to parents who want a traditional education with an international perspective for their children. We are successful because British education is renowned for its quality, discipline and the respect it nurtures in its students

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