Just a few of our favourite testimonials...

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and every member of the  staff at Oryx for your commitment and outstanding work towards building the future through education. We, as parents, take pride in everything that the School stands for - a community that supports, engages and achieves together. Thank you for providing a safe and healthy environment for our children.” - Mr. Williams, Secondary parent

I would like to thank the school for helping build Zoey's confidence and providing such an encouraging environment for our kids. Her journey towards building that self-confidence began with Oryx, we enrolled for academics and curriculum but what we got is much more … we now have a child who has this boundless zest for life and most importantly not afraid to face her fears.

Year 3 parent

It was a very enjoyable meeting this morning and great to have so many positive ideas! I look forward to being involved and meeting up with more parents.

Year 1 parentAbout our PTA

Testimonials & Alumni

Samantha Gallagher-Alagha – Year 6

"Dear Sir, I know that teaching can sometimes be thankless job, and you only hear about the faults in the education system. But I feel the good should also be recognised. Jude loves school, and from visiting his class on Thursday it is easy to see why. We hear all about the dynamic way you deliver lessons and encourage participation, and that was evident then. So thank you."

Rahul Mondal – Year 2

"My Son, Shriyans Mondal, a student of Year 2 in your school is enjoying to the maximum the way in which education is being imparted in the school. He is showing a great level of interest in the homework activities because of the interactive nature. I have noticed extreme interest in him for going to school. We take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the guidance and nurturing provided in your school."

Chelle Zaguirre Marthena – Year 1

"It is a new school year and my daughter is always excited to come to school which shows that she is having an enjoyable and excellent time every single day. Oryx has After School Activities which my daughter is looking forward to. It will surely help the students to be more productive and improve not only academically but more socially just like the previous year. During the summer vacation, I was able to see how my daughter improved her swimming skills and I am very much happy and I can't wait for the swimming lesson to start again. It will surely make the student physically fit, confident and most importantly safe in the water. Our school family just keeps on growing and growing, with more teachers and students joining, which makes us more proud and happy. What I love most about Oryx is the "communication" may it be thru emails, Dojos, coffee meetings, home books, phone calls, open door classroom.. Oryx is so easy to get in touch with. I believe this is one of the school's strength apart of course from the excellent quality of teaching and curriculum."

Mr. Jon Astillero

Security personnel are always alert and observant on procedures at all times. Class rooms and hallways are well lit, ventilated (air-conditioned) and clean. My child has shown enthusiasm when going to school, with a presumption of a good learning environment around her. My child has developed more self-confidence after a few weeks of school. School admin personnel are attentive and helpful."

Ana and Pedro – Mariana Year 6 and Manuel Year 1

" It was with great joy that we started another school year at Oryx International School. We had a great experience last year and we were able to see how our kids evolved so much in such a short time. You are a fantastic team, management, teachers, assistants, clerks, security guards ... all work towards quality teaching with a lot of commitment and dedication. As parents, we always want the best for our children. And choosing Oryx School is a reflection of the quality we want for the future of our children. We feel that more than one school, Oryx International School is a community that makes us grow in every way. And it is definitely complementing the education of our children with the best possible values. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work and a special word for the principal, who is an incredible human being: an example to all principals."

Gabriele & Laura Ferola – Gabriele Ferola Year 5

"We would like to give our positive feedback on Oryx International School and Team. It was a challenging period for Riccardo who moved from another school in Doha to Oryx last year, mostly because of change and missing his school friends. However, thanks to all of you everything went smoothly and he settled perfectly and happily. Special thanks go to his class teachers for their understanding of Riccardo’s needs, guidance and positive approach to teaching. We love the friendly environment of Oryx School. Well done and keep it up!"

Aslah Ahamed – Year 1

"I would say I faced only positive things from the 1st day stepped into OIS, starting with the front office, admissions and the teaching staff. Of course the Principal's welcome speech was inspirational and Informative for a parent like me who just started sending the kid to British curriculum. From the first day I noticed changes in my child's behaviour as she is keeping her dishes back to kitchen after lunch and helping her mom to clear the dining table. We both were really surprised. that the class teacher is such a wonderful person who gives us immediate feedback and take care of the children nicely! Keep the good works going and wish OIS Good luck."

I am Jessica’s father. We feel very happy to see her progress in this outstanding school curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Year 1 parent

It was a very enjoyable meeting this morning and great to have so many positive ideas! I look forward to being involved and meeting up with more parents.

Year 1 parentAbout our PTA