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Oryx International School is uniquely for the children of Qatar Airways employees and their subsidiaries. These include:

  • Qatar Aviation Services (QAS),
  • Al Maha Services,
  • Qatar Executive,
  • Qatar Airways Catering Company (QACC),
  • Qatar Distribution Company (QDC),
  • Airport Hotel,
  • Dhiafatina,
  • HIA,
  • Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha (formerly Oryx Rotana Hotel),
  • Qatar Amiri Flights,
  • Discover Qatar, and
  • Oryx International School.

Please ensure you have the documents listed below available before you start the application process.

All documents must be translated into English.

Documents required

Child information:
  • Passport
  • QID / Qatar Residence Permit (unless not yet processed)
  • Birth Certificate
  • General Vaccination Certificate
  • Covid Vaccination certificate – all students over the age of 12 (if your child is not vaccinated you will be required to provide an negative antigen or Covid test on a weekly basis)
  • Passport photo
  • School reports
    • Last two years (unless your child is entering FS1, FS2 or Year 1 and has never attended school).
    • Attested School Reports (If coming from outside of Qatar) - the report card of the last full year (and any terms thereafter) that the child attended are to be attested, please ensure this is done before leaving your country of origin.  NOT required if you are joining FS1, FS2 or Year 1.
  • Special Education Needs Reports - Independent Medical Report: Only required if you need to inform us about your child's special education needs, disabilities, learning, or behavioural support requirements.
Reports must be attested from:
  1. The school your child is coming from OR the Department of Education of the country you are coming from;
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country you are coming from;
  3. The (nearest) Qatar Embassy and
  4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar (once you arrive in Qatar).
Other documents required, not for initial application:
  • Clearance Letter / Transfer Certificate from the previous school (If transferring from a school within Qatar).
  • Ministry of Education Health Record from Primary Health Care Centre in Qatar, this is only for:
    • all students joining from FS to Year 1, who have never attended school, 
    • students who are transferring schools within Qatar – FS1 to Year 1, and 
    • new students who are coming from outside of Qatar - FS1 to Year 12.
  • If joining later in the year, you will be required to provide the entry stamp in your child/ren’s passports and a form for the MoE&HE which the admissions team will provide to you.
Parent information:
  • Mother Passport
  • Father Passport
  • Mother QID / Qatar Residence Permit (unless not yet processed)
  • Father QID / Qatar Residence Permit (unless not yet processed)
  • Staff number: Qatar Airways ONLY - (unless not yet processed)
  • Staff profession: Qatar Airways / Subsidiary
  • Staff grade

Applications will only be processed on receipt of the non-refundable Application Fee of QAR450.

Other information

Year group allocation

Year group allocation according to the English National Curriculum of England and Wales: Year Groups

MOE&HE requirements
  • Qatar Ministry of Education and Higher Education requirements: MOE&HE Admissions Circular
  • The MOE&HE in Qatar requires continuation of education; therefore, if your child has missed any part of the academic school year, they will have to repeat the year, e.g. if you are moving from a January to December academic school curriculum and you have completed the school year and join us in January, then as your child would have missed Term 1 of the British school year (September to June), they will have to repeat the academic year they have just completed.
  • Deadline dates:
    • Children in Qatar with QID's:
      • Children starting school for the first time, whether in FS1, FS2 or Year 1 must start in Term 1, they cannot join us in Term 2 unless they have completed Term 1 in another registered MOE&HE school in Qatar.
      • If your child is transferring schools with a different curriculum to the British one, they may only do so up until the end of January of each year.
      • If your child is transferring schools from a British Curriculum within Qatar, they may do so up until the end of February of each year.
    • Children new to Qatar: 
      • All students joining a school in Qatar must have their attested report cards and a QID to start school. If you do not have your child's QID by 15 October,  then you will need to provide us with their QID (when you receive it) and the entry stamp on arrival into Qatar that can be found in your child's passport to prove to the MOE&HE that your child only arrived after 15 October.
      • If you arrive in January (Term 2), your child must join the school before the end of January if coming from a curriculum other than the English National Curriculum (ENC) or the end of February if continuing with the ENC. If you are planning on bringing the family after January (non ENC) or February (ENC), we recommend staying in your home country (or the country you are moving from) to complete the academic year. You will have to provide us with a Term 1 report card to prove the continuation of education. If you have missed Term 1 of the September to June academic school year, you will have to repeat the school year previously completed.
Note for FS1, FS2, Y1

All children joining Oryx International School in FS1, FS2 and Year 1 must be toilet trained before they start.

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