Which year group should I apply for? 

As a general rule for applications for entry into September 2024, please refer to the table below.

As a British school, we apply age upon entry for birthdays celebrated from 1st September until 31st August of each of the corresponding years.

Please Note: The below table is used to give you a reference point of the guidelines for age upon entry. However, depending on the country and curriculum where the child is coming from, this may vary. We follow the Ministry of Education & Higher Education (MoEHE) equivalency table guidelines for accuracy when allocating students to the appropriate year group.

Year BornAge Upon EntryYear GroupKey Stage
FS 1
Early Years Foundation Stage
FS 2
Early Years Foundation Stage
Year 1
Key Stage 1
Year 2
Key Stage 1
Year 3
Key Stage 2
Year 4
Key Stage 2
Year 5
Key Stage 2
Year 6
Key Stage 2
Year 7
Key Stage 3
Year 8
Key Stage 3
Year 9
Key Stage 3
Year 10
Key Stage 4 (International GCSE)
Year 11
Key Stage 4 (International GCSE)
Year 12
Sixth Form (A-Level/BTEC)
Year 13
Sixth Form (A-Level/BTEC)

The English National Curriculum is organised into blocks of years starting with the Early Years Foundation Stage, which caters to students aged 3 - 5.  The students then move into ‘Key Stages’ (KS).

KS 1 and 2 are referred to as Primary Education, while KS 3 is the start of Secondary School.

KS 4, is the start of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (I/GCSE), Years 10 and 11.

KS 5 or Sixth Form, is when the students start their A-Level or BTEC Diploma courses, Years 12 and 13.

Your child must have turned the age to enter the appropriate year group before 1 September of each year.

Please note: 

1.The MoE&HE Guidelines state that all students must complete a full academic school year before they can move to the next year group. If your child has not completed part of a school year, they may have to repeat the year, irrespective of their age.

2. Students cannot be more than two years older than the year group age they are applying to join.

3. If you are moving from a different curriculum to the ENC, please check the MOE Guidelines below as to the equivalency of your child's curriculum to the English National Curriculum, e.g. Scotland Prim. 2 = ENC Year 1, whereas US Grade 1 = ENC Year 2.

Further information on this can be found on the MoE&HE Guidelines, read more here.