Welcome to Doha and the opportunities that this move presents

Moving to another country can be an exciting experience, the Oryx School community is here to help you find your feet and settle into your new environment.

Qatar Airways have ensured that finding a school for your child is that much easier. Please contact us as soon as you know you are moving to Doha, as places are limited in most schools in Qatar and we are no different. The earlier you contact us the sooner we can assist you.

As parents we are looking for the best for our children, we want them to be safe, happy, feel secure, make friends, and enjoy school while learning about themselves and the world around them. Essentially we want them to have the best possible education to guide them to their future lives.

Deciding on which school you would like to join is one of the most overwhelming and important decisions you can make, as this will shape and guide your children toward their future successes. It is important that parents have a good understanding of what they are looking for in a school and that the transition to Qatar is smooth and seamless, enabling your children to feel secure in their environment and confident in their learning.

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What should you focus on when choosing a school?

  • Your child’s needs
  • The Vision, Mission and Values of the school
  • The curriculum you want your child to follow
  • The quality of the teaching staff
  • The community ethos
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When looking at a school follow a few basic principles:

  • Go through the website as there will be invaluable information in each section about the school;
  • Make a list of all the questions you may have from the vision and mission of the school, to what to expect when you move to Doha;
  • Request a tour to experience the ethos of the school, see the facilities, ask questions and meet the staff;
  • Send an enquiry or application to the admissions team; and then
  • Start the admissions process.
Your Child

At the heart of choosing a school is your child and their needs. As a parent you will want to ensure that the school you choose will welcome your child and ensure that they settle into their new life.

At Oryx, our team will send you our Parent Guide and any other information you may need to learn the various aspects of the school, we will introduce you to other parents and our community. Our academic team will provide you and your child with all the information you will need. In primary school, the teachers will link you to Dojo to provide direct communication with them and our Vice Principal of Secondary will introduce your child to their Form Tutor and ‘buddy’ who will help them find their way around the school.

You will receive progress reports and be invited to meet your child’s teachers to discuss these further. Our doors are always open to communicate with you, either directly in primary by Dojo or by emailing reception@oryxschool.qa to alert the teachers of a meeting request.

We put your child at the heart of the school and ensure that their educational needs are met, keeping in mind our vision, missions and values.

The Vision, Mission and Values of the school

When moving to a new country, most parents ask the questions: What are the best schools in the city and where are the best areas to live?  Here in Doha, most of the areas close to schools are residential with excellent accommodation.  The question therefore is which is the best school to go to?

To answer this question: look at the mission, vision and values of the school; the Principal and their ethos; and lastly, what parents have to say. Every school has a vision and mission, schools that stand apart from others are those that hold true to these. As a parent, you will find this in what the Principal has to say and the comments of the parents.  At Oryx, our parents are from various nationalities and are happy to answer your questions, and their testimonials show true to how they feel about the school.  Don’t take our word for it, let us put you in contact with someone from your own country and background to talk to. 

The Curriculum

One of the decisions you need to make as a parent, is which curriculum you would like your child to study which leads onto where you would like them to further their studies after school. With over 90 Nationalities in Oryx, we have students from around the world who have studied in different curriculums.  These students have managed to transition to the English National Curriculum, I/GCSEs, A Levels and BTEC through hard work, perseverance and support from our teaching staff.  

The English National Curriculum is recognised around the world as a valid university entry qualification. A Levels does allow for students to specialise in their preferred and strongest subject, providing them with the marks required to enter into university.  All schools should publish their examination results and these are a good indicator of student achievement and success.

Ask about after school and enhanced curriculum activities which are excellent opportunities to enhance learning, these are usually academic, creative and sporting and can assist with university applications. These will allow students to learn new skills and develop existing ones.

Teaching Staff

As a parent you will want to know more about the teaching staff, their qualifications and experience. Schools should have a section on their website introducing their staff to you with information on their qualifications and background. Parents should know what their expectations are for staff regarding behaviour, conduct and learning expectations and should feel confident of the teachers they are entrusting their children to.

It is important to check that all staff, both teachers and administrative, have undergone safeguarding checks and training, this should be part of the recruitment process and a question to ask during any school application process. If you visit the school during class time, be sure to see the teachers in action.

Oryx Community

When moving countries, the transition from one culture to another can be overwhelming, and in most cases the move is without any family or friend networks in your host country.  Most schools have Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) networks that encourage parents to contribute towards sharing their time, skills, knowledge and expertise in support of the school and community. 

Oryx has a strong Qatar Airways parent community where parents contribute by being a “Parent Class Rep” in your child’s class; a “Parent Contact Rep” where parents help families feel included and welcomed in our school by someone from their own country; or a PTSA member who support and develop a strong and active parent - teacher - student community and provide opportunities for parents to become involved in the life of the school. 

We wish you the best of luck in your move to Doha and look forward to welcoming you to Oryx International School.