In order to meet the standards expected of BSO (British Schools Overseas), the school has regard for the guidelines as outlined in the revision to the UK SEND Code of Practice 2015, the UK Equality Act 2010 and the UK Childcare Act of 2006.

Oryx International School adopts an inclusive policy and students with SEND are offered the opportunity to join the school providing they satisfy the school’s selection criteria, and we possess the facilities and expertise to meet their needs. Due to the limitation of our facilities and our expertise we cannot cater for all needs, especially those of a complex nature.

The school expects parents to inform us, prior to the assessments, if their child has any SEND requirements. Please advise us of the results of any assessments which may have been carried out in order that appropriate arrangements may be made.

Parents may be asked to contribute to any special resources required for their child to successfully access the curriculum. Students with SEND will be expected to fully partake in all aspects of the curriculum and be fully integrated into the school. Exceptional circumstances which may affect such access will be dealt with on an individual basis in consultation with the Executive Principal and relevant staff.

The school will have to obtain special approval from the MOE&HE for a programme if it differs substantially from the agreed education plan for the school. Children with more than moderate learning or behavioural needs may be admitted to school with the relevant support provided by parents, only at the discretion of the Executive Principal. Parents will be expected to meet the costs of any extra one-to-one learning support/shadow teacher required for their child.

Parents are asked to send in a copy of the most up to date psychologist’s report before meeting with the Executive Principal and Admissions Manager.

Please note failure to disclose a learning difficulty or other special need may result in your child’s place being withdrawn at any stage.