Here you will find all the information regarding our External ASA Providers.

Club NameProviderFieldYear GroupPrice
BasketballBE SPORTS BasketballSportsYear 5 - 12QR55 per session
Blossom Sensory ClassesBlossom Sensory ClassesMusic and Movement, Sensory and Explorative PlayYear 3 - 7QR390
Blossom Sensory ClassesBlossom Multi-ClubArts & Crafts, Design & TechnologyEYFS - Year 6QR65 per session
CalisthenicsSTEM XplorersScienceYear 1 - 6QR330
Clever CooksSTEM XplorersFood TechnologyYear 1 - 6QR330
Duplo & WeDo 2.0STEM XplorersScienceYear 1 - 6QR390
Football**PSG AcademySportsYear 5-12TBC
GymnasticsRebel Angels GymnasticsSportsYear 1 - 6TBC
Hamilton Aquatics**Hamilton AquaticsSportYear 1 - 12TBC
Hands - on ScienceSTEM XplorersScienceYear 1 - 6QR330
LEGO & RoboticsSTEM XplorersS.T.E.M.Year 7 - 12QR330
Robotics & CodingProdigyKidzS.T.E.M.Year 1 -6QR390
SewingSTEM XplorersTextile6 Years Old & AboveQR300
Super MinisArtemexSportsFS1 to Year 1QR420

**Providers open to the general public, with activities starting at 4:00 p.m.

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Super Minis: Building confidence through sport.
Welcome to our vibrant Super Minis sport program tailored for children aged 2 to 5! Designed to foster a love for physical activity and sport, our carefully crafted curriculum emphasises fundamental movement skills, coordination, and social development

Wednesday: FS1 to Year 1


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We provide basketball sessions to children

Thursday: Year 5-17 / May 2- June 6

‪+49 1573 5627645‬
Alyson Dopfer

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Blossom Sensory Classes

Blossom Sensory Classes - Throughout activities and classes, we aspire for children to gain independence and confidence in themselves and their abilities.
Our activities promote and develop fine and gross motor skills while building muscle memory required for letter and number formation.
Blossom Classes are designed to encourage and develop these new skills using a range of equipment including tunnels, balancing boards and sensory balls. With new skills being introduced each week your child will begin to master these areas of the curriculum.

Blossom Multi-Club: Is open for all Early Years and Primary children. We offer educational and fun activities that inspire and motivate your child. Activities vary daily to coincide with children’s interests which may include making slime, arts and crafts and STEM activities.

Sunday: Year 1-7


Hamilton Aquatics

Hamilton Aquatics is your premier destination for world-class swimming programmes. With a legacy of excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of aquatic experiences tailored to all ages and skill levels. Experience our state-of-the-art facilities and embark on a journey of water mastery, guided by our passionate team of expert teachers and coaches.

+974 44689255
+974 33827037

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Rebel Angels Gymnastics

Rebel Angels Gymnastics Academy was born out of the passion for gymnastics training and teaching children in Qatar.

Our mission is to create a positive atmosphere and energising environment to help young athletes feel a sense of belonging and to forge the habit of staying fit, healthy and active in the future.

33 55 99 83
33 55 22 90

PSG Academy

Paris Saint-Germain Academy is a global network of football schools. French specialists and experts have selected hundreds of training methods from different parts of the world and designed a unique, coherent and most effective program for the development of youth football.

Year 5-17

3306 2115
Aya Kassem Eljurdi



This is Innovative & S.T.E.M. Hybrid activity including : - ROBOTICS BASICS using LEGO-Robotics 🤖 - early to intermediate CODING using Scratch-Spike 💻 (then PYTHON in advanced levels) Hybrid Active building and modelling exercise while Super Fun

Monday: Year 1-3 And 4 -6 / 29-Apr to 10-June 

Thursday: Year 1-3 And 4 -6 / 02-May to 13-June

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Coach Basel

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STEM Xplorers

Clever Cooks - Introduce children to the health benefits that we could acquire by consuming different types of dishes and foods. The children will make their own dish every week.
Sewing - Allows children to enjoy the creative process, develop fine motor skills, improve their concentration, and learn how to work with their hands. This can help them become more independent and self-motivated.
Calisthenics - Helps children builds strong bones and muscles without heavy weights, and taps into children's innate sense of movement.
Hands - on Science
- A form of instructional approach involving activities and direct experience for children to further understand any science concept. It is an educational experience that actively involves students in utilizing objects to gain knowledge and understanding.
LEGO & Robotics - A great way to introduce children into LEGO Education, as they develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It will also help grow their creative thinking skills and problem-solving skills.
Duplo & WeDo 2.0 - A great way to introduce children into LEGO Education, as they develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It will also help grow their creative thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

Tuesday: Year 1-12 / April 30 - June 4

Robina Aldover

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