Through a comprehensive career programme, our students are provided with a high-quality careers education.

Welcome to Careers at Oryx International School

The school’s vision is to ensure that students leave Oryx International School enabled, confident, and ready to face the challenges that their next stage of life will bring. They will have developed effective behaviours that will enable them to thrive and succeed as global citizens of the 21st century.

As a result, we aim to achieve the following through our career provision:

  1. To plan and provide a stable career programme for our learners that is understood by the school community.
  2. To provide students with relevant information pertaining to the labour market.
  3. To appreciate the diverse backgrounds and educational aspirations within our school.
  4. To link curriculum learning to careers, subject teachers consistently highlight the connection between subjects or topics and career paths.
  5. To create opportunities for students to encounter employers and employees through school visits and career events.
  6. To support students in obtaining work experience placements depending on local opportunities.
  7. To provide opportunities for students to encounter further and higher education through university fairs, university visits, company visits, conferences, and other events.
  8. To provide career guidance and support with university applications.


Unifrog is an online platform that provides career and university information to young people so they can make informed decisions about what to do after school.

Unifrog brings together every undergraduate university course around the world. This makes it easy for students to compare and choose the best university courses, apprenticeships, or further education courses for them. Students can also use the platform to access PSHE resources, MOOCs, Webinars, record activities, and take psychometric tests.

Career Programmes

Year 7


Introduction to Unifrog

What is a career?

What are skills?

Career sectors library treasure hunt - 1

Complete the interest quiz

Numeracy- Where's the Maths?

Year 8


Identifying interests (Complete interest quiz)

Careers library treasure hunt - 1

Skills for careers

What's your dream job?

Careers library treasure hunt - 2

Two Sides of a Coin

Year 9


Research- Subjects and careers

Research- Top 10 in-demand future careers*

Psychometric tests

IGCSEs - Choices, Choices

Subjects Library - treasure hunt

Your superhero CV

Year 10


What type of career is best for me?

Work Experience - How to contact employers

Quick task: Updating your CV

Leadership-What makes a great leader?

Student Year Plan: Goal setting

Your skills, your team, your future!

Year 11


University systems around the world

Discovering MOOCs

Psychometric tests

A-level choices

CV- Maximising your potential/ Create and save your CV

Careers library treasure hunt - 4

Year 12


Career Planning: Preparing for university

Personal Statement/ College Essay Workshop

IELTS Preparation


ACT and SAT tests: what are they?

Using the College and Sixth Form tool

Post 18 - Choices, Choices

Researching and completing university research template

Year 13


University application process

Completing university application documentation

Introduction to UK university interviews

Introduction to US college and university interviews

Academic Referencing



Coping with changes: Moving away to University

Online resources

Parents desire a secure future for their children and could inspire their children to choose suitable careers. We encourage parents to have open conversations with their children about the world of work, school subjects and employability skills.

Useful Career Links

Start- Information for students and parents on IGCSE subjects and career pathways. -

Talking Futures- Resources to help parents develop career conversations with their children. -

My world of work- Explore different types of careers within different industries. -

Times Higher Education- World university ranking by region or courses. -!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats