Dear Parents

We are now into the final week of this term; a term which has been like no other and has tested and challenged the school community to the full. We have not only weathered the storm together but we have continued to make progress and to overcome the many, fast-changing obstacles which we faced. We have learned a lot of lessons about life, about school and about ourselves in the process of this pandemic and we can take some courage from this. Our values and our priorities, our tolerance, resilience, patience and empathy have all been heightened, and this can be a positive change for us all. The emergence of virus vaccinations has given us hope that we are on the road to recovering from the devastation this pandemic has caused. Although it will not happen overnight, a return to some more familiar routines and our ‘old’ ways of life is in sight now and that gives us renewed hope.

I have been incredibly proud of and impressed with the attitude exhibited by our school community, coming together in mutual support throughout this crisis; students at every step of the way have accepted, adapted and overcome all obstacles and disruptions to their routines; our members of staff have been creative, flexible, resilient and determined to provide the best learning experience we can for our students; and parents have been wonderfully supportive, understanding and patient as we wrestled with not only the pandemic but the ever-changing myriad of regulations and decrees from various government ministries here in Qatar.

Last February, none of us had encountered such times and it was new to us all in equal measure. Now, as we approach a new year, we have become better versions of ourselves and are better equipped to deal with these challenges in the future. Better days lie ahead.

As we prepare for the holiday period starting on December 15th, we are optimistic that term 2 will be less challenging and more fulfilling in all aspects of school life. We are cautiously optimistic that the MoEHE will announce a full re-opening of the schools within the next few months.

We are always sad to say farewell to those students and families leaving us at the end of term and on behalf of the school community, I thank you for being part of our journey, for your faith in the school and for your support and encouragement. I wish you every success as a new dawn rises on the next chapter of your journey.


Derek Laidlaw

Executive Principal