Dear Parents

We have come to our mid-term break now after a very challenging but ultimately successful seven weeks. These are unchartered times and we have all had to make adjustments to our working life and in our personal life which none of us could have foreseen eight months ago. There is no denying that there have been some difficult and dark days and the uncertainty of what the immediate and medium-term future holds continues to be stressful and unsettling.

However, as we take a moment to reflect on these past seven weeks, we have cause to be proud of what we have achieved together, to have more confidence in our own ability to face and overcome challenges and to be more positive going forward. We have overcome frequent and disruptive obstacles to our lives and routines, and we are better equipped now to face any future challenges.

In every crisis, there are lessons to be learned and opportunities to discover and develop the attributes in ourselves and others, which may have lain dormant or largely unrecognised. We have become more tolerant, resilient, creative, understanding and cooperative as individuals and collectively as a school community. The values which we often herald yet sometimes fail to uphold have been refocused as the central pillars of our lives and this will help to make all our societies better.

I am optimistic going forward that our students, who have shown remarkable courage and resilience, are adapting to their new routines and are coping well with the demands and unfamiliar circumstances; I am optimistic that our teachers and other staff members are confident and have the support, creativity and skills to continue taking the school forward; I am optimistic that as a school we will continue to keep you informed of the changing landscape and listen to your concerns and suggestions.

I wish you all a very relaxing and enjoyable mid-term break and thank you for your continued support for the school.

Kind regards,

Mr. Derek Laidlaw