The school was abuzz for the last few weeks with our students working hard on their works of art. Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6 students worked on art from Vincent van Gogh to Jackson Pollock to Andy Warhol, using recycled material, paint, pencils or seeds from plants. They learned about the artists they selected to work on, creating flat, 2D, 3D and finally a class canvas. Every student was involved in drawing or painting their own pieces of art, as well as working on the final canvas design for each class.

Parents were invited to visit our first school art exhibition held from 11 - 15 June. Everyone was in awe of the creativity of the artwork displayed, including the Qatar Airways Oryx School Board and Orbital Education Head Office Members who visited on 15 June. They were also impressed with the use of technology with QR Codes and an Augmented Reality App to view students talking about their artwork.

Well done to both teachers and students for all their hard work.