Dear Parents

I am sure you are looking forward to the April holiday break as much as we are. Before you all head off, there are a few housekeeping matters that I would like to bring to your attention for the Third Term of the year.


  • Following on from my previous message regarding security we will be implementing some modifications to our current procedures.
  • Our priority is that all adults should be wearing a school issued ID badge whilst they are on the school premises. This includes, staff; parents, school bus staff; drivers and visitors.
  • Security guards will now check for ID badges before anyone is allowed onto the school premises. If you do not have your ID badge you will have to leave your RP card with security in exchange for a visitors badge.
  • To help facilitate entry and exit, only Gate 3 (from the car park) will be open at drop-off and pick-up times with one guard positioned at this gate. The doors into the school building will be open as usual.
  • I also request that all non-staff members remain at the Meeting Point and wait for students to exit.
d29c31bd-7385-474b-ad06-7046e0ef632d.jpg2. HealthYear 3 and 4 have just finished their topic 'Healthy Me', where they learned about the need to have healthy food to keep their minds and bodies active and growing. A healthy diet will help with focus and concentration. It is important that they have a good breakfast in the mornings and healthy food with them for snack and lunchtimes. According to NHS Choices a balanced lunchbox should contain:
  • Starchy foods - bread, rice, potatoes or pasta;
  • Protein foods - meat, fish, eggs or beans;
  • A dairy item - cheese or yoghurt;
  • Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit;
  • A drink such as water, milk or a sugar free drink.
Sending in fizzy drinks, family packets of crisps/chips; chocolate donuts, etc are not allowed.

3. Safety Could I also request that your child's school bag is small enough to fit into the lockers that we provide. Our corridors are quite small and the school bags that do not fit into the lockers are causing a health and safety hazard.

4. Pick and Drop-off ReminderDrop-off is from 6:45am at Gate 3 or by arrangement / permission from 6:30am at Gate 1 (Main entrance). Pick up is at:
  • 1:30pm sharp and students will be waiting at the Meeting Point;
  • 2:30pm if your child is attending an ASA and students will be waiting at the Meeting Point;
  • If you require ASC (After School Care) for this term please send an email to school with your request and details including times and reason for the ASC requirement.
5. Ramadan The Holy Month of Ramadan will soon be here and with that will come changes to the school timings. These will be in line with the M.O.E. directives, when we receive these they will be communicated to all parents, in the past the school day has been reduced to 5 hours. If possible, we will align our start time with the Qatar Airways office hours. This will probably be 8:00am to 1:00pm. We will confirm these once we receive the directive. Please note that there will not be any ASAs or ASCs during Ramadan.I hope you all have a restful holiday and come back ready for the third term of the academic year. If you are traveling we wish you safe travels. Kind regards, Mr. Jarlath Madine

Summer School Camp Survey

3d70c6a6-8450-4c32-bb9d-575b66436ca9.jpgWe are investigating the possibility of running a summer programme during the school holidays. This is something I have done in previous schools and has proved popular with a lot of families, especially if both parents are working and not travelling. The Summer School Camp will have a range of activities including: art & craft, drama, hands on science, computers, games such as chess, sport and a little bit of maths and English.

Can you please take the time to complete the survey by selecting the link below for us to gauge possible interest.

Summer School Camp Survey