Dear Parents,

Health and Safety

My number one priority is to ensure the safety of every single person on the school premises and in particular our children. This is why we have policies and procedures that we all need to follow.

As the school roll increases we have an increasing number of children and adults on the school premises and specifically at pick-up time. It is particularly important that we establish a culture of supporting all procedures that will ensure everyone’s safety.

As a reminder:


  • End of class Pick-up time is at 1.30 pm from the respective gGate. Please do not come into school and go to classrooms to collect your child. This just confuses things. Please wait at the meeting point.
  • End of ASA (After School Activities) time is at 2.30pm from the respective gate. Please wait at the meeting point.
  • End of ASC (After School Care) is at the agreed time from the Library.

After School Care (ASC) is by arrangement with the school and is not a ‘drop in’ service. One day last week we had 29 children staying behind instead of the 9 children who had permission. The After School Care is for the following:

  • Single parents working for Qatar Airways;
  • Children with siblings taking part in an ASA;After School Activity
  • Other valid reasons that you need to discuss with us.
  • Sadly shopping isn’t a reason.

If you need this service for Term 3 please contact with your reasons. We will consider it and let you know.

If you know you are going to be late please phone the school to let us know and we will happily look after your child until you arrive.

Drop-Off is at 06.45 and students can come straight into school via the appropriate gGate:

  • FS2 – Gate 2
  • KS1 – Gate 3
  • KS2 – Gate 4

Once again we have made special arrangements with some families due to work commitments for an early Drop-Off. This is aimed at parents who work at the Hamad International Airport for example.

Name Badges

A while ago we introduced name badges for parents, so you are recognised as a parent and have permission to be on the school premises. Sadly, in the past week or so, very few of you are wearing them. This makes it difficult for staff to know who is who.

I would be very grateful if you could wear your badge at all times on the school premises.


It will be no surprise to you that attending school regularly has a major impact on future success in school and beyond. Absence at any stage leads to gaps in your child’s learning and can:

  • mean that they fall behind in work;
  • affect their motivation;
  • affect their enjoyment of learning;
  • lead to poor behaviour;
  • affect their desire to attend school regularly;
  • affect their confidence in school;
  • mean they miss out on the social life of school and extra-curricular opportunities and experiences; and
  • affect their ability to have or keep friendships.

I realise that 100% attendance is very challenging and almost impossible due to unforeseen circumstance such as sickness and accidents. That is why we have set a minimum target of 95% attendance. This equates to being absent for 9 days throughout the year. Please refer to the table below for further information.




Attendance exceeds 98%. Always has good reason for any absence i.e. illness and provides written confirmation.

This is the equivalent of missing 3.5 days every year or 50 days throughout the 14 years of school from Foundation Stage to Year 13.


Attendance is 95% to 97%. Usually has good reason for any absence i.e. illness and provides written/verbal confirmation with reminders if necessary.

This is the equivalent of missing 9 days every year or 126 days throughout the 14 years of school from Foundation Stage to Year 13.


Attendance is 94% and below. Reasons are often inappropriate i.e. ‘shopping/slept in’. Confirmation rarely received even with reminders.

This is the equivalent of missing 11 days every year or 154 days throughout the 14 years of school from Foundation Stage to Year 13.

92.5% and below is the equivalent of 13.5 + days absent every year, or over a whole year missed school from Foundation Stage to Year 13.

Ory X Factor

We are looking forward to our first Ory X Factor where our students will have the opportunity to take part in our talent show. Students can enter as a group or as individuals. They can sing, dance, do magic tricks or anything that they think will entertain us.

After the Spring Break we will have auditions in school and a grand finale where you will be invited and amazed by the students with the Ory X Factor.

Kind regards

Jalarth Madine