I would like like to say a big THANK YOU for the tremendous amount of support to making International Day a great success.

As we head into the last stretch of the second term, I would like to focus our attention around the aspects of our teaching practices in school.

Last week we began Term 2 Assessments of students' progress in writing, reading and mathematics. You will be able to discuss your child's progress report with the class teacher at Parent Teacher and Student Conferences later in March.

During the meeting your child's teacher will talk about the 'I Can Statement' booklet and which ones have been achieved or are still to be achieved. Each Year Group has a set of 'I Can Statements' that are expected to be achieved by the end of the year. The teachers plan activities so that the students are able achieve these 'I Can Statements' throughout the year and any homework that is sent home will also help your child to achieve these.
The focus of the National Curriculum is to: Learn fewer things in greater depth and ensure secure and deep understanding. This means that it is critical for children to have depth of learning and be entirely secure with their year group expectations, being able to use them ‘inside out’ before moving on to progressively more challenging learning.

Your child's teacher will be contacting you to make an appointment for the Teacher-Parent and Student Conference. It is important that these take place and that your children are also in attendance. These will take place between Sunday 26 and Thursday 30 March, your child's teacher will be contacting you to make an appointment. All Progress Reports can be accessed via the Parents' Portal. Please note that there will be no ASAs during this week.

I am pleased to say that next year we will enhance or curriculum provision by adding specialist teaching in Spanish, music, English Language Learning and PE.

Looking forward to another inspiring week.

Kind regards,
Mr. Jarlath Madine