"Little Chef Sandra" is one of our FS1 Jordan students. She is both Jordanian and Romanian, so lots of different dishes to experiment with when in the kitchen. She started cooking approximately one year ago with her mom, Sofia. Her mom says that she kept asking if she could help out in the kitchen and of course, Sofia allowed her to start off with the basics and now she loves baking in her own little kitchen that Mom and Dad set up for her.

Sandra set up her YouTube account, during lockdown, after watching a pirate cooking class with her teacher thanks to virtual learning. Her recipes list is now quite extensive, she makes her own dough, ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, jelly and chocolate balls.

Sandra doesn’t only enjoy cooking, she loves to swim, draw and ride her bicycle. She also has a little sister, Elena, who is 1 ½ years old and I am sure Sandra is going to teach her how to cook.

Good luck Sandra, we are supporting you all the way with your YouTube channel "Little Chef Sandra" and I am sure all your classmates and the Oryx community are going to be watching and learning from you.