Dear Parents and Students,

As this academic year closes, stepping back to look at what we have achieved and built is always an exciting task.

I looked at the collections of pictures and memorabilia from secondary staff and students in the last week of school to help me to prepare for our rewards ceremony on Monday 24th June and what memories we have created in our first year in Secondary here at Oryx.

From our first day entering the B Block to moving to C and D Blocks where we belonged, to the election of our student council who have been shining stars throughout the year and participated astoundingly in all events as ambassadors, to our fantastic sport teams getting top places in Qatar competitions.

Our curriculum offer is also something I feel incredibly proud of. Through diligence and creativity from our teaching staff, it blossomed and offered fantastic opportunities for our students from exploring the key pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030, to participating in our Environmental and E-Stems projects. Students’ newsletters have also been interwoven into our curriculum which have been developed to achieve our mission – to enable each student to thrive and succeed as a global citizen of the 21st Century.

We held a transition morning on Wednesday 19th June for our Year 6s, they experienced Design and Technology, Computing and Science classes to help familiarise themselves in the "secondary environment". The students were all very excited and are looking forward to starting Year 7 in August.

Well done, once again, to all our students who received certificates and trophies in our very first Secondary Rewards Ceremony.

Boys and Girls – This was your year, the first year! The year it all started, the year we opened the doors for all of you to becoming the Future. Let’s continue along this path in our 2019-2020 academic year and step into a world where anything is possible.

Enjoy your well deserved summer holidays and I look forward to taking you into new adventures on your return.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Nadege Johal