Dear Parents,

I hope this finds you all well.

With the gradual easing of restrictions in Qatar at this time, there is reason to be optimistic looking forwards. It would be easy to dwell on the negatives but the prospect of some more familiar additions to our previous routines is very welcomed, including walks in the park or on the beach, going out for a meal and the opportunity to meet up more readily with family and friends. Many of you will be contemplating the summer break and will be weighing up the decision to leave Qatar to go on holiday or visit relatives against the current uncertain conditions for returning to Qatar: but at least that decision is available for us to make.

I am extremely grateful to all the parents and students who contributed to our Virtual Teacher Appreciation video available to view here. I am indebted to the PTSA Committee, Mrs. Laidlaw, Mrs. Gonsalves, Mrs. McManus and Mr. Vinas (Gary) for all their work compiling and producing the videos: it is the embodiment of the wonderful relationship that exists within our school community. I am also grateful for all the contributions to our Virtual International Day presentations and recipe book, which will be available next week.

As we approach the last week of this term, I would ask parents to return any school library books, textbooks or other school equipment to the school security by Thursday 2nd July. Unreturned books and equipment will incur a replacement charge thereafter. Thank you.

We had to make an additional change to our proposed calendar for next year at the instruction of the MoEHE with regard to Eid holidays. Please see revised dates below. Once I have received final approval from the ministry, I will re-publish the confirmed calendar.

Next week I will be sending information regarding our planned re-opening arrangements for the school site. As I have mentioned previously, we submitted 2 scenarios and action plans to the MoEHE and await their instruction to proceed. However, we have received strong indications that any re-opening will most likely involve social distancing requiring a ‘blended learning’ programme. Therefore, we are proceeding with our plans to prepare the school over the summer to meet the new Health & Safety regulations. As part of our action plans we prepared a blended learning timetable model to accommodate these requirements, details of which will be shared with you next week.

We will be launching our free Virtual Summer School from 1st July. Details will follow next week.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Regards and best wishes,

Mr. Derek Laidlaw




15 August

Start of 14 day isolation period

29 August

New families welcome


1 September

Start of Term 1

Sunday - Thursday

25 - 29 October

Mid-term break


14 December

Last day of Term 1


3 January

Start of Term 2

Sunday - Thursday

7 – 11 February

Mid-term break


29 March

Last day of Term 2


11 April

Start of Term 3


13 May

Eid holiday TBC

Sunday - Thursday

16 - 20 May

Eid holiday / Mid-term break


30 June

Last day of Term 3