Dear Parents

We are fast approaching the end of term in what has been a tumultuous last few months not only at Oryx but throughout the world: no-one is unaffected by this crisis. We are living through unchartered times and great uncertainty. Despite this, every day in the media we see and read stories of individual achievements and acts of compassion which inspire us and bring us hope. Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote ‘Out of adversity comes opportunity ’is a fitting one to help motivate us to find a positive focus, although at times, this might be difficult, it is important for us to look forward and plan for better times ahead in our personal and professional lives.

As a school community I am delighted at the manner in which we have all addressed the situation together to support each other, and in particular our students. When we return to school after the summer we will have the opportunity to refocus and continue to drive ahead with our plans, benefitting from the lessons we have learned from the current situation. We have been at the forefront of eLearning in Qatar and there is no reason why we should not continue to lead the way next term. There is no doubt that the educational landscape, globally, will have changed forever in the face of school closures and the reliance on eLearning. The ‘new normal’, whatever that may be, will take some readjusting of routines and the manner in which schools deliver learning. There will most likely be an interim period of adjustment until a more permanent routine is established, and we have prepared for all eventualities. The ‘new normal’ is something we need to establish and it will require more flexibility, understanding and cooperation to achieve. This in itself is a positive development. We must not think that this ‘new normal’ is a backwards step, it will give us the opportunity to build upon the skills and techniques we have all learned over the past few months which will ultimately provide greater collaboration and more varied opportunities for our students, teachers and families at Oryx. It might not seem like it at the moment, but the future is bright and we have a responsibility to our younger generation to lead them towards their bright future no matter what challenges lie ahead. I know that the Oryx school community are more than ready and able for that challenge.

Regards and best wishes,

Mr. Derek Laidlaw

New staff

I am delighted to announce the following new staff posts of responsibility for this and the next academic year.

I know you will wish them every success.

  • Christopher Cundall - Assistant Head Teacher Secondary & Head of Sixth Form
  • Imran Sidat – Assistant Head Teacher Secondary
  • Caoimhin McCartney - Year 11 Group Leader
  • Julian Bennett (new member of staff) – Year 7 Group leader
  • Leanne Wood – Year 4 Group Leader
  • Ashleigh Dobinson – Year 3 Group Leader
  • Yasser Mullantakath - IT Network Administrator
  • Devika Chadda - Admissions Manager
  • Griselda Gonsalves - Administrative Officer