Year 1 cups and handmade instruments

Cups: Year 1 students have been practicing beat and rhythm through playing different songs with cups they had at home. It’s amazing to see how well they’ve coordinated their movements and followed the music matching the different cups' positions. Well done, Year 1’s!

Handmade instrument: Our students have been working on a handmade instrument project and making they’ve shown us their impressive talent through a variety of creative performances. Not only they’ve played their instrument, but they also sang and danced along. We can tell they are Superstars!

Year 2 cups and handmade instruments

Cups: Year 2 students have played different rhythms using cups found at home. They’ve shown us how we can make music with objects that surround us and proven their ability to follow a selection of rhythm patterns on a piece of paper with their cups while following the music. Bravo, Year 2’s!

Handmade instrument: Our students have made their own instruments and shown us how talented they are by playing them and even singing and dancing to the music of their choice. Some children have chosen to sing in their language and showcased the cultural diversity of our school. Good job, Year 2’s.

Year 3 Music Montage

Check out our marvelous musicians in Year 3. What fantastic performances! We have some very talented children at Oryx, I'm sure you will agree. The children made their own instruments at home out of recycled materials and some performed with them. They look great! Amazing performances Year 3. Well done!

Year 4 Music Montage

Look at the fantastic musicians we have in year 4. What talent! The children made some really great instruments at home out of materials they found around their house. We can even see some of the instruments they made in the video. A great way to reuse recyclable materials. They sound great too! Well done Year 4, brilliant performances!