As we come to the end of what has been a life-changing school year for us all I would like to take this opportunity to share my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to all our Oryx parents who have continued to support and dedicate their time to our school through the many channels of the PTSA. The unseen hours of work that have gone in, as always behind the scenes, from the Committee, Class Reps and Parent Volunteers has been exceptional, despite the extremely challenging times we have faced since the school closure. Our Class Reps play a very important role in keeping all our class parents connected and up to date with news and information as well as encouraging everyone to get involved in school life. Their contributions and assistance at all our events and activities are immeasurable and I thank you all sincerely. It is at times like these where we all come together to support and help each other find the strength to stay positive and do all we can to keep our connection with our students strong.

A special thanks to the parents and staff of the PTSA committee who have worked tirelessly throughout the year, led by our dedicated Chairperson Harjeet Kaur, whose vision and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all. We are extremely fortunate to have an incredibly talented team who each play a vital part in our achievements and commit hours of their time both in and out of school for the benefit of our children. It is a wonder to witness the buzz of creativity as incredible art and craftwork is produced for every event with a smile, lots of laughter and so much enthusiasm, even when the pressure gets too much! From the production of beautiful photo frames and hundreds of pink ribbons for the children and staff on Pink Day to the mammoth task of planning and preparing everything for our extremely successful Winter Fair, for planning and providing refreshments for every child in school during Sports week and more recently for co-ordinating the wonderful Teacher Appreciation videos and our Virtual International Day photos, videos and Recipe Book. The list is endless of our achievements and contributions throughout the year and I cannot thank you all enough for your endless energy and enthusiasm.

To everyone in our Oryx family, I wish you all a peaceful summer holiday with some much-needed relaxation and quality family time. I hope you enjoy watching the International Day presentation and try out some of the recipes from our OIS Recipe Book kindly provided by our families to experience a variety of International cuisine. You will have the opportunity to add more recipes in September.

Stay safe and well and I hope we will be facing a brighter future on our return to school.

Best wishes,

Karen Laidlaw