The PTSA are pleased to announce that we are going to run a virtual International Day celebration to make up for missing this popular event this year. We hope as many families, teaching and support staff will take part in showcasing the many different nationalities we have within our Oryx family.

There are 3 options for you to get involved with as below:

Send a photo of your family or child/ren in your National dress and/or with your national flag or dressed in the colours of your countries flag. No football strips. Please hold up a sign showing which country you are from.

Send a short video clip (max 15 seconds) in your own language to your family and friends at home to show you are thinking of them and thanking any of the essential workers for keeping your country going through this difficult time. One recording per family using the following wording as a guide:

I am …(name)... /We are the …(surname)… family from …(country name) … and would like to send our best wishes to …(eg. family and friends)... I/We would like to thank all the … (eg health workers/refuse collectors/essential/emergency workers)… for the invaluable work you are doing for us all. Stay safe and well.

Send one recipe from your country to add to our OIS Recipe Book. You may want to discuss with your friends which recipe you will send to avoid duplications per country. All recipes need to be sent using the template in the link belowwith a photo of the finished dish.

We will not be able to accept any recipes that are not in this format. The recipe can be for a starter, main course or dessert. We will include some recipes in the weekly Oryx Occupier and Newsletter for now and will produce a hard copy Oryx International School Recipe Book when we can.

Following the deadline date we will make a short video of all the photos and clips that we receive and put it on our school website for everyone to enjoy.

Please email all photos, video clips and recipes to

The deadline for receiving photos and video clips: Monday 18thMay 2020

The deadline for receiving recipes: Monday 1st June 2020

We will not be able to include any items received after the deadline dates.

Hoping everyone is staying safe and well at this difficult time.

Kind regards,

Karen (on behalf of the PTSA Committee)