In the 2020 GCSE/IGCSE exams, students at Orbital schools, on average, achieved 1 or 2 grades higher than expected. This is a measure of the value added by both the high-quality teaching and learning environment at Orbital schools where every student is encouraged and challenged to exceed expectations. Before they start their exam courses, our students take a Cognitive Ability Test (CAT4), which provides an indicator of the likely exam grade they will receive in two years’. Our students and teachers then work hard together to achieve or exceed the level indicated by the test to enable each student to fulfil their potential. In 2020, in spite of the major challenges of the pandemic, Orbital schools’ IGCSE results were better than the general assessment population:

  • 91% were graded A*-C (9-4), whereas the UK was 79%
  • 44% were at A*/A (9-7), whereas the UK was 28%

At Oryx International School our results reflected very closely to that of all Orbital schools:

  • 90% were graded A*-C (9-4), whereas the UK was 79%
  • 45% were at A*/A (9-7), whereas the UK was 28%

But a true indicator of our focus, on both personalised learning and individual student progress, lies in the value-added experience that Orbital schools and staff provide to their students compared to the average. In 2020:

  • 71% of exam results were above the grade indicated by the CAT4 Test
  • 53% were two grades or more above the CAT4 Test indicator
  • Overall results were, on average, 1.4 grades higher than indicated by the CAT4 tests

Year-on-year, a larger proportion of Orbital students have made greater progress than would be normally expected. This is why we are proud to say that Students do better at Orbital schools.