The Duke of Edinburgh award was an adventure from the very beginning. I was extremely thrilled as a younger student to see it on the ASA list and immediately chose to join. Although I did not have an opportunity to complete all my evidence for the award and continue with an expedition in another country, I feel it was a great chance to try and work around the many challenges linked to obtaining the award.

As a student and an individual, I have taken many things with me from the various meetings we held after school. It was a chance for me to learn and bond with my friends and those I worked with as a group. From learning key mapping and navigating skills and setting up tents, to exploring the world of cooking in the wild, I felt there was not a dull moment during even the preparation phase. The lessons were engaging, helped to make the expedition a great success and there were always lots to take from them.

In terms of the expedition itself, although we did not have the pleasure of staying overnight, was a great fun-filled challenge that helped to teach me to enjoy nature and the little things in life. Something as simple as helping fellow teammates with their camping gear, cooking a meal in the rain or complaining about the heat as we walked made the expedition a wonderful experience overall for all of us.

I am sure I speak on the behalf of all the other students that took part in the Duke of Edinburgh award when I say that this has been a great course to participate in and that we are very thankful for the efforts of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, for having introduced this wonderful program to all British schools for the students to benefit from.

So many thanks for the opportunity.