Drama is a subject that’s inherently physical and group-focused. and COVID has certainly created challenges along the way for our classes. However, the show must go on and the drama and performing arts students at Oryx have found ways to continue to create and perform in lessons.

What have we been up to: -

Year 7 have been learning to use a variety of drama techniques, creating characters from scratch, improvising scenes and have written and recorded their very own radio plays.

Year 8 have worked on creating campaign films, learning to storyboard ideas, film, and edit their work. Some of the campaigns featured bullying, environment, cruelty to animals, being kind, wearing masks, and not putting labels on people.

They are currently rehearsing duologue scripts which will be performed next term, off-script to highlight their acting skills. For those who don’t want to perform they will be creating their own scripts and writing them up to be performed by class members.

Year 9 have studied the practitioner Stanislavski and performed Monologues focusing on Naturalism and being as truthful as possible. Using practitioner’s methods to get into role.

They have also done some filming and editing focusing on how to make a short film to raise awareness about a particular issue.

Currently, they have been exploring Theatre of the Absurd, creating short choreography sequences on chairs, and exploring loop dialogues. After half term this will lead into Brecht and Epic Theatre which they will apply to a play script to perform, exploring with style.

Year 10 have completed work on their Monologues which lead to performances via zoom and in class.

They have also has use of an open space, giving us more room to practically explore An Inspector Calls which is their set text. They have focused on Context, Themes, Characters and Directing. Currently, they are pitching their design ideas.

Performing Arts

Over in Performing Arts, the KS3 students have been exploring World Theatre. Students have explored a range of performance styles from around the globe, developing confidence in performing as well as building their skill set for the subject.

So far we have looked at - Chinese shadow puppetry, Japanese Theatre, Kathakali Indian dance, French Mime, African Storytelling, and Greek Theatre.