Two separate Learning Festival Competitions were held in October: One was global (100 schools) and the other BSME (British Schools Middle East - 22 schools)

The students needed to log onto the Education Perfect website from the 5th to the 7th of October. Many of the teachers of KS3 assigned some class time to the competition but many students took part in the competition from home in the afternoons. The competition was all about student engagement and covered the topics of Science, English and Maths. The students would answer questions and when they answered correctly, they would receive points.
We are very proud of our students for all the hard work that they put in especially coming first in the science section of the BSME competition.

Under achievements on the graphic below, you can see how we did in the BSME competition. You can also see that we answered 157,000 questions.

BSME Learning Festival Competition 2021

While in the Education Perfect Learning Festival Competition, we came first in Qatar, and the children answered 95, 000 questions!

Education Perfect Global Learning Festival 2021

Well done to all our students who participated!