Dear Parents

This week

We were delighted to welcome back all our students and to welcome new students after the holiday.

We have completed the first week of our new term and I am delighted to inform you that we recorded over 90% attendance in every year group. We set our minimum acceptable attendance for each student between 90% - 95% as even 90% attendance equates to 1 day of school missed every fortnight. With the current restrictions, it is even more vital that students are attending at least 95% of the time either in person or virtually. Time in school face-to-face with teachers is the best way for students to make progress with their learning, and their social development.

Also this week, our Y12 students have become the first cohort at Oryx International School to take ‘A-Level’ exams. We are very proud of our Y12 as they are continuing to break new ground as our most senior students, and they are setting an excellent example for the younger students to follow. We are very much looking forward to having all students back in school so our Y12 can continue to make further contributions to the whole life of the school.

The MoEHE allowed schools to re-start outdoor PE activities, which is a very welcomed development. Please note that all students from Y4 upwards must wear long tracksuit trousers and the tracksuit fleece, to and from school, on the day(s) they are scheduled for PE. This is a Board directive based on guidance from the Ministry. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring students comply.

As I mentioned previously, our new bus transport service will commence on Sunday 10th January. I would remind Secondary Parents that the drop-off and collection point for students in Secondary is now the last gate on Barwa City street. The front entrance gates are only for use by students using the school bus service from Sunday onwards (please see diagram below and attached letter for parents using this service). Thank you.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Kind regards,

Mr. Derek Laidlaw