Dear Parents

We have reached the end of what has been another very successful but also challenging term. As I mentioned in my letter this week, I am extremely pleased with the progress we have made as a school community, despite the frustrations of current restrictions, and we are very optimistic going into the winter break and into term 2. Qatar Airways and Orbital Education continue to fully support and guide the school forwards and the MoPH and MoEHE are very complimentary about our provision and our standards. We should all be rightly proud of our school and of the engagement and achievements of our wonderful students. We are a unique school community, and the best is still to come in the months and years ahead. We are certainly ‘going places together’!

Reflection on this term

The full return to school on 4th October, whilst very welcomed, also presented difficulties as nothing else changed regarding keeping children in class ‘bubbles’, wearing masks, social distancing and not being able to offer any activities or meetings or events in school. This is particularly frustrating regarding Arabic and Islamic Studies lessons, PE and other practical lessons and general socializing/outdoor mixing. As you will be aware, I have had several meetings this term, both in-person and online, with various Ministry officials including the Undersecretary for Education and the Director of Private Schools. They have reiterated as recently as last week that all COVID precautions must be followed at all times in schools. Several schools who had not followed these instructions were given warning letters and fines and received many intrusive ‘spot checks’ – we were not subject to any of these conditions as I will not allow our school’s good name and reputation to be tarnished by non-compliance with Government Ministries – frustrating as this may be at times. We must remain above reproach, ethically sound, and continue to set the example for other schools to follow.

I wish you all a very relaxed and enjoyable winter break and we join the country in celebrating Qatar National Day on 18th December.

Kind regards,

Derek Laidlaw