Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,
This month has been another busy one for the school community, as we forge ahead with as near to normal teaching & learning programmes, while dealing with the ongoing pandemic situation.

Our Y11 and Y12 students are completing their Mock exams this week and will have time over the next few weeks to re-visit any areas for improvement. As you will be aware, the IGCSE and A Level exams have been cancelled again this year by the UK Government and we will be submitting Teacher and Centre Assessed Grades. We will be very strict about our submissions to the exam board as our students and teachers have worked very hard over the past year to ensure that students are meeting the expected levels; to be over lenient in these circumstances would only deny the students their deserved grades. There is a
larger moral value in ensuring that students are awarded what they deserve and that we do not take advantage of any possible loop-holes in the awards of qualifications this year. We will not compromise the integrity of the school, Orbital or Qatar Airways regardless of what some other schools may be reported to do. Our students will know in all honesty that they have received the grades they deserve.

We have had six inspections from the MoEHE and one from the MoPH since January, which demonstrates the rigour being applied by the Qatar Government to ensure the high standards of safety and continuity of learning for children in all schools. This relies on all parents, staff and students adhering to the procedures and regulations for COVID precautions. This includes keeping your children at home if anyone in the household has been in direct contact with a positive case, until the swab test result is received. As a result of these inspections, we may have to adapt some of the routines in school as the MoEHE in particular, imposes even tighter conditions on all schools. At our last inspection this week, the inspector commented that we were one of the best Private Schools in Qatar at observing all the rules and conditions. We need to keep it this way as some schools have been closed and some have been given ‘final warnings’ with regard to this.

We have had a few occasions recently when trying to contact parents urgently, that the numbers are either unattainable or ‘busy’. As you will understand, it is essential that we can contact either parent immediately if the MoPH asks us to trace any students for possible infection. I would therefore ask that you update mobile numbers with the school reception if you have changed contact details this year.

We are looking forward to receiving more of our Photography Competition entries on ‘My Qatar’.

We are also very pleased that Ashghal has started the final stage of the pedestrian crossing on Barwa Street. This will be a very welcomed addition
to our road safety.

Regards and best wishes,

Mr. Derek Laidlaw