Dear Parents,

The month of May with exams and assessments, the mid-term break and Eid celebrations, with our students initially working online and then returning to blended learning on the 28th, this month has come and gone very quickly.

Road crossing - I am delighted to inform you that the pedestrian crossing on Barwa Street is fully operational. This will significantly increase the level of safety when crossing over the road to and from school. Parents and students are reminded to use only the designated signal crossing and to obey the red/green signals. Ashghal are adding some additional safety features around the school and I would remind parents to abide by the traffic laws and regulations in Qatar.

Certificate of appreciation

Certificate of Thanks and Appreciation. - I am delighted to inform you that our Head of Arabic Language & Islamic Studies, Mrs. Hamada, has received the certificate below for her excellent provision of these subjects at Oryx International School and for her excellent liaising and cooperation with the MoEHE. We are very proud of Mrs. Hamada and her department.

Nehad Hamada

The Department of Academic Supervision in the Private School Affairs Department extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Nehad Hamada, Oryx International School for her efforts and fruitful cooperation during the academic year 2020-2021, wishing her continuous excellence and giving. - Director of Private School Affairs, Rashed Al Ameri.

Chris Cundall

BTEC Engineering: Full Accreditation - My congratulations to Mr. Chris Cundall, Assistant Head Teacher & Head of 6th Form, for his excellent work in preparing the evaluation and accreditation for our BTEC course. We received formal full accreditation recently and the verifier from Pearsons Exam Board stated that ours was some of the highest standards of preparation and assessment he had ever seen.

Choir reminder

Choir trophy

Having some of the children back in school this week and hearing music playing from the floor below my office reminded me of how much we have missed all the activities the children and staff share outside the traditional curriculum learning. Most of you will not have had the opportunity to see the wonderful ‘Qatar School Choir of the Year’ winner’s plaque we received following our secondary school choir success in their first entrance at the competition in 2020. As the competition did not take place this year due to the pandemic, we still retain this and look forward to defending it soon!

We are delighted to hear our student's voices back in the school hallways and are looking forward to the last month of the school year.

Regards and best wishes,

Mr. Derek Laidlaw