Eco-Warrior, Alyx Kelly, requested students in Oryx to create a Bug Hotel for Earth Day. She did this using her own initiative and interest in the environment.

“The reason I put the task of the bug hotel forward was that it was earth day. Bug hotels benefit lots of different insects such as ladybirds, spiders, bees and beetles. The different insects can use the bug hotel as shelter, safety and to lay their eggs in. Sometimes the insects use the bug hotel to protect themselves from predators. The different insects can use the bug hotel if it rains so it would keep them dry.

Another reason I did the bug hotel task was that I love to build and do lots of art and I thought that the class would like to build a bug hotel too.” - Alyx Kelly

Well done Alyx and all the students that participated, if you would like to build your own Bug Hotel, follow the below graphic instructions.