Dear Parents,

As usual life in primary is busy and creating memorable learning experiences for our students is top of our agenda.

During the last month, our pupils took part in national Safer Internet Week. The week is recognised each year as a means to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for young people and to raise awareness of online safety issues. While the use of the internet brings many positive benefits, it is vitally important that we teach the children to stay safe and be responsible on the internet and also for us, as adults, to ensure we are providing a safe virtual environment for our young people. Activities completed during this internet safety week complement our E-safety curriculum that is delivered throughout the year.

The students have all thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the OIS Mini Olympics. Our thanks to the PE department for facilitating the Olympic-style activities. You can see some of the photos in the gallery below.

Years 1 and 2

The PE department structured our sports activities into our PE lessons over two weeks. This gave the children an opportunity to proudly represent their house by wearing their house colours and participate in a variety of activities.

Activities for Year 1 and 2 included sprints, bowling, an obstacle course and many more; the children had every opportunity to show forth their talents and most importantly have fun through friendly competition. - Mr D

Years 3 and 4

The Sports Week’s Mini Olympics did not disappoint, performed during their PE lessons, the Mini Olympics was a celebration of all our talented Year 3 and 4 students. Throughout Term 2 the students have been working hard, developing their skills and the Sports Week was their opportunity to show their brilliance.

The excitement was high and there was no lack of enthusiasm as the students competed for their houses in various events including Sprinting, Javelin, Hurdles and Speed Jumping. The support and encouragement between the students was fantastic, showing just how special sporting events like this can be. As a whole, the PE department are extremely thankful for the students and parents and we can’t wait to do it again. - Mr Phillips

Years 5 and 6

Throughout the ongoing pandemic sport has been an ever-present feature, be it recreational, exercise or professional. It has given some of us an opportunity to venture outdoors to take a break from our lock-ins and has even become a new hobby for some.

Whilst we have some limitations, the PE Department thought it was important to continue with our sports day in some form. For the past fortnight Years 5 and 6 were put through their paces in activities including sprinting hurdles and javelin. They all participated really well and put in maximum effort. I look forward to next year, where we’ll hopefully be able to hold Sports Day in its entirety. - Miss Virgo

Over the last few weeks in school, classroom doors have been decorated ready for National Book Day. We have lots of fun activities planned for the 3rd and 4th of March and we can’t wait to see the character outfits the students (and staff) will be wearing.

Many of us remember the science week last year when students had to create the best egg protector and the mess the broken eggs made in the Auditorium! This year, our theme is “Innovating for the future” and our pupils will be creating their own kites. Be prepared for some crazy outfits on the 10th and 11th of March when we all come to school dressed as mad scientists!

During the last two weeks, the children have worked exceptionally hard to complete their assessments in reading, writing, SPAG (spelling and grammar), maths and science. The assessments are a guide for teachers into children’s recall of learning from the past term. Teachers also use conversations, work completed in class, feedback to next steps given, and work submitted on canvas to gain an overall picture of where each individual child is on their learning journey. At the parent–teacher meeting this term, parents will have an opportunity to discuss the strengths of their child and any areas of development that need to be addressed. Well done to all our children for their continued hard work.

The TT Rockstar Maths challenge for this term will take place over the next few weeks; please look out for the dates of the competitions taking place in school as well as the Doha inter-school competition. Last term we did so well, and this term we will do even better!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Andrea Smith