Congratulations to our Secondary students who have been selected as Head Boy, Clark S; Head Girl, Serena W; and their Deputies, Kelly T, Olivia M and Sid M.

The Secondary Student Council was selected last week and we would like to extend our congratulations to the students in each year group class that has been elected to represent their peers for the 2021/22 academic school year. We look forward to working with you all this year.

The secondary school student council held their first meeting this week, which was over zoom as students are still restricted within their bubbles. It was very impressive to see how the form reps had collected ideas from their fellow classmates and were able to share concerns and improvements openly amongst their peers. Students behaved very maturely, listened to each other and provided some very tangible areas that we can look at trying to develop within the school. A very successful first meeting. The Head Boy and Head Girl will be sharing the discussion points with Mr. Laidlaw to begin to develop some of these projects. Form reps will be feeding back to their peers on the items that were discussed during the meeting.

Next term the Primary Student Council will be selected and meet, along with the Head Boy and Head Girl, to discuss factors that affect them within Primary and as a whole school.