Two groups from Oryx School competed, along with many other schools across Qatar, in the Weill-Cornell High School Medical Competition. The students from Oryx that participated included Ashmita in Year 9 (Group 1) and Kanzah, Robertus, Raizza, and Hanaa in Year 10 (Group 2). They started working on their projects a few months ago and were therefore well prepared for the competition.

The trial run took place on Thursday, 8 April over Zoom and the final presentations took place on Saturday, 10 April which was followed by questions from the panel.

The two groups were able to present their research and findings successfully and answer questions with great confidence.

The winners will be announced by Weill-Cornell within the next few weeks, good luck to all our students. All students will receive certificates from the University for their outstanding efforts and participation in the competition.