Why does accreditation matter?

As part of the Orbital Group, Oryx International School is committed to delivering the best continuous quality and highest standards for our students. It is however not enough for us to say this but vital that what we do is professionally evaluated and this is why we have chosen to become CIS accredited. This is a long-term process and investment for each school and takes 5 years to become a fully accredited school. This demonstrates the quality and consistency of the process each school goes through.

Who is CIS?

CIS is the Council of International Schools which currently involves 735 schools representing 116 countries.

As a leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide, CIS provide a unique international school accreditation process with a focus on student learning and global citizenship. The quality and rigour of a CIS International Accreditation is recognized by ministries, departments of education, and universities around the world as demonstration of a school’s commitment to high quality international education.

What do they do?

CIS helps schools gain recognition for accomplishments, attract qualified staff, facilitate student connections with leading universities around the world, and provide a quality international education experience to students and parents.

What are the benefits of choosing a CIS accredited school for your child?

A school that holds a CIS accreditation shows that it has achieved high standards of performance in international education and has a commitment to continuous improvement. The award shows that the school:

· is devoted to its mission and vision for students

· has thought deeply about the services it offers to students, family and community.

· invests the time and resources for validation from a globally recognized accreditation authority

· focuses on the quality of teaching, student learning, as well as student safeguarding and well-being

· is committed to the development of the students’ global citizenship

· has a suitable philosophy of education for its students

· promises only what it can deliver

· is open to regular evaluation by its own school community and peer evaluators

· constantly seeks improvement in all areas of the school plans strategically for the future.

Higher education institutions recognize immediately that a CIS Accredited school meets globally recognized standards and promotes values and skills that they are seeking in students.

Over 600 of the top universities in the world are part of the CIS membership community. They value the mark of the CIS accreditation, targeting students who graduate from CIS accredited schools for admission to their institutions. This verifies CIS International Accreditation as a mark of high quality, and therefore, endorses the quality of international education provided to student graduates of these schools. For more information, click here: https://www.cois.org/