We spent the day at Paws Rescue Qatar, where we were delighted to take part in a volunteering programme. We were able to socialise with a variety of animal and play a small part in the remarkable work this organisation does.

We walked ten dogs, as well as feed and groom some canines and cats. We caught a glimpse of the medical treatment a lot of different animals were undergoing, such as how they customised canine diet plans. We learnt how the organisation provided forever homes to these animals, both overseas and in Qatar.

We were astounded by the dedication and affection each of the workers there has for the animals, it was fascinating to see how each worker knew every animal intricately. It was interesting to see how the animals interacted with each other and how they ensured that there were no squabbles or fighting.

We found it extraordinarily fulfilling to see the excitement in all the dogs’ eyes at the prospect of new companionship and we hope to keep helping animals by donating, volunteering and fostering in future. Socialising with these animals and seeing how thrilled they were made us realise how important it is to keep volunteering.

We look forward to going back to Paws Rescue Qatar, as often as we can to continue supporting the organisation. However, they are sadly concluding their journey due to unforeseen circumstances on the 22nd of January, so we do encourage you to offer your assistance before then!

Serena W - Year 13