Nominations for Student Council were held in the first half of Term 1, each candidate presented why they should represent their classmates and form part of the PTSA. Well done to all who participated and congratulations to those students who were chosen.

Primary - Head Boy and Girl

Head Girl - Mahnoor and Head Boy - Samir

2022 Primary head boy & girl

Primary - Student Council

Year 2 - Dheer, Zahra, Devain, Ava, Yahya, and Seneg.

Year 3 - Solomiia, Zoey, Ifrah, Liyana, Miguel, and Nooriyah.

Year 4 - Mohammed A, Tanya, Caio, Tulip, Malak, and Reyan.

Year 5 - Sakina, Ojas, Moed, Dia, Sid V, and Almurenda.

Year 6 - Zeineb, Eunice, Masal, Jay, Thaman, and Emmanuel.

2022 Primary Student Council

Secondary - Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls

Head Girl - Jodi

Head Boy - Shahmir

Deputy Head Girl - Jenisha

Deputy Head Girl - Sen

Deputy Head Boy - Ayyash

Deputy Head Boy - Shaun

2022 Secondary Head Students

Secondary - Prefects

Taiamani,  Jade, Micayla, Adil, Lian, and Wayne.

2022 Secondary Prefects

Secondary - Student Council

Year 7 - Ahlam, Yusra, Zaynah, Shriyans, Parth, and Erina.

Year 8 - Leila, Riley, Viery, Liah, Muhammad, and Agustin.

Year 9 - Sadik, Jaden, Nicole, Aleah, Aarna, and Thenuki.

Year 10 - Sadik, Hussein, Ivy, and Vicente.

Year 11 - Roshan, Fatima, Gabriel, and Mariana.

Year 12 - Eduarda, Evangelia, and Kanzah.

Year 13 - Abdul and Aaron.

2022 Secondary student council