Dear Parents,

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2022!

Thank you to those parents who have written to me recently to share their appreciation for the staff who have taken the time to deliver presentations and workshops to parents. We very much value the parent-school partnership and I am pleased that our workshops are proving informative and useful. All the PowerPoints from the workshops are posted on Class Dojo and can be accessed at any point. Please remember to get in touch if you feel the information on a particular topic would be useful.

Primary workshops in January have included teaching computing, promoting online safety, supporting EAL students, understanding SPAG, delivering Phonics for Y1, promoting writing in FS2 and supporting Arabic at home.

Coming up in February: Promoting reading at home.

This month, we have been promoting our whole school values. So far, all classes have looked at our school values of Respect, Compassion and Excellence. Our pupils are considering why these values are important, how we recognize these values in others and how these values impact our everyday lives. Our children have been asked to think about their own personal values as well as their family values.

Our pupils have been busy taking part in year group activities including the Mangahigh Maths Competition, taking part in Handwriting Day and more recently, Internet Safety Day where our pupils focused ​on promoting respect online.

My thanks go to the PE department for organizing the "Go the Distance Challenge" a super event that involved our whole school community.

Finally, I would like to share the exciting news that we welcomed two babies into the Oryx family in January. Our heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Rasib and her husband and Mr. Brame and his wife.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Andrea Smith