International Day this year was a resounding success.

The PTSA and Class reps worked tirelessly to decorate stalls with artifacts and information about the countries on the continents.

Oryx students, parents and staff wore their National dress, which produced a bright array of colours throughout the school.

Key stage 1 and 2 students were provided with a passport for the day, allowing them to learn a wide volume of information about each country.

KS1's passport included a map, their task was to visit each stall and learn as much as they could about each continent, once their task was concluded they received a sticker.

KS 2's passport included a map with information blocks for them to complete, they were provided with interesting facts about each continent as well as taste the food from different countries.  Their task was to write down all the information they were provided on their passport.

The PTSA set up traditional activities at each stall for the students to participate in from each continent, e.g. Africa - drums for the children to play, Europe - a chart where they had to name a landmark, Asia - a colouring sheet, Oceana - a puzzle and photo booth.  There were additional games at each stall where the children could win prizes for correct answers.

Secondary students had the opportunity to taste food that was prepared by the Oryx Community and  participated in either an International Day debate, Ceilidh dance, or the Oryx school podcast.

A huge thank you to our PTSA and our wider school community for their tremendous support and for making the International Day celebrations so special. We are so grateful for all the amazing contributions which were made either to decorate the stalls or to showcase international foods. We were overwhelmed by the amount of food that was sent in. All students were able to enjoy many different samples from across the world. 

The students enjoyed it immensely and we are looking forward to planning our next International Day, where we hope to be able to invite our community to join us.