Last Winter Concert Of 2023 In a magical night destined to linger in the hearts, the auditorium of Oryx International School stood as the epicenter of a musical spectacle ranging from charming melodies to powerful rock performances.

The Winter Concert, starring the talented high school students on December 4, was an apotheosis of art, dedication, and musical prowess.

The Key Stage 3 choir opened the event with a classic rendition of "Do Re Mi" by Rodgers and Hammerstein, setting a joyful tone that would resonate throughout the evening. The talented Ella-Kai B. dazzled with two notable performances, "I Hear What You Say" by B. Crosland and "Shark Soup" by S. Wedgwood, showcasing impressive musical versatility.

Sebastian T. captivated the audience with his unique rendition of "Blurred Lines," while Akshayaa P. mesmerized with her powerful vocals in an emotive version of "Never Enough" by B. Pasek and J. Paul. The Senior Choir moved hearts with "Tears in Heaven" by E. Clapton and the energetic "Shut Up and Dance" by B. Berger and R. McMahon.

Intense vibes arrived with the band "Run, Hide, Tell," bringing an unparalleled energy with their performance of "Zombie" by D. O'Riordan, receiving a well-deserved wave of applause. The "Bunny Killers" shook the stage with "Heart Shaped Box" by K. Cobain, earning a resounding ovation.

The group "Pillars of Creation" delivered a dynamic performance with "Buddy Holly" by R. Cuomo and "The Pretender" by D. Grohl, leaving the audience impressed. The band "Drive Thru" added variety to the concert with two distinct performances: "Back to December" by T. Swift and "Boys Don't Cry" by M. Dempsey and R. Smith.

The highlight came when all performers joined for a spectacular finale, presenting "Oryx in Winter" by J. Pickering. This piece truly encapsulated the festive spirit of the season and left a lasting impression on everyone present.

The Winter Concert not only highlighted the exceptional musical talents of our students but also revealed the collaborative and creative spirit that defines the Oryx International School community.

We express gratitude to all performers, teachers, and staff who contributed to the resounding success of this event.

We eagerly anticipate more musical celebrations in the future, embodying the spirit of excellence and unity at Oryx International School.

Meanwhile, if you weren't fortunate enough to be able to join us, or would simply like to relive the magic, we encourage you to visit our YouTube channel to see a short video of the evening's musical magic.

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